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Vali Nasr’s problematic discourse on ‘Sunni-Shia sectarianism’

This false Sunni-Shia and Saudi-Iran binary by Vali Nasr is a major disservice to thousands of Sunni and Shia Muslims, Christians, Yezidis, Kurds and other communities who are being massacred … Continue reading

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Global Terrorism Index 2014: 4 Wahhabi Deobandi groups responsible for 66% of All 17,958 terror killings in 2013

Editor’s note: Our readers should note two very key findings of the GTI vindicate the LUBP narrative and prove the fake liberal media and for hire think tankers and University … Continue reading

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ISIS women – Takfiri Wahhabi and Deobandi ideology is radicalizing Muslim women in the West: Time

Last March 11, was a normal Thursday morning for the Ali Mehenni family, or so Kamel Ali Mehenni thought when he dropped off his 17-year-old daughter Sahra at the train … Continue reading

November 25, 2014 · 1 Comment

Europe and ISIS, an islamic state within the old continent

  CAIRO — “One day, not long from now, Europe will wake up to a nightmare.” I made this comment to friends during a 2012 visit to Europe. They swiftly dismissed … Continue reading

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NATO’s Libya: From successful model to failed state

Libya’s chaos and violence may seem like a continuum of painful replays. However, as the situation festers, the risk of extremist elements gaining a more dangerous foothold and broader freedom … Continue reading

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ISIS is a bigger threat for Muslims than Israel: Hezbollah leader

Mohammed Fneish, a government minister in Lebanon and a leader of Hezbollah, has said that Hezbollah is combating extremist takfiri jihadi organisations such as Islamic State (IS), because they “kill … Continue reading

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Bahrain’s sham election ignores calls for reform

Bahrain’s national election planned for this Saturday portends no change in the al-Khalifa regime’s anti-Shi’a stance and is yet another futile exercise in sham democracy. The mainstream al-Wefaq Shi’a opposition … Continue reading

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