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Vision of Ayatollah Khomeini suggests that Pakistan’s Shias must not be dependent on Iran – by Ali Muntaziri

Is Iran helping Pakistan’s Shia or do Pakistan’s Shias really need Iranian support? Does the Iranian support to Pakistan’s Shias do us more good or harm? Are Iranian religious scholars and government officials fully aware of specific circumstances and challenges facing Pakistani Shias, e.g., Pakistan army’s complex and historical relationship with Jihadi militants, demographic and socio-political challenges facing Shias etc.

The way forward for us is to fully understand the vision of Imam Khomeini, which suggests that instead of blindly following Iranian guidelines and policies, we will need to take an independent, sovereign stance in a honourable and realistic manner.

Some of our people (Pakistani Shias) often ask whether Iran is helping us or doing something to alleviate our miseries. This question is wrong from the start. Do remember that a nation that relies on other nations for providing the solutions to its problems will never succeed. A nation that doesn’t have the determination and spirit of sacrifice to tackle its difficulties by themselves will gain nothing even if they are fed with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Likewise, Iran’s financial support will bring no relief to us, instead, it may instigate conflicts, create various contradictory groups and parties and cause unrest among our nation.

Let Iran’s country be for Iran itself, let Iran’s financial wealth be for Iran itself and let Iran’s oil treasure be for Iran itself. We don’t want anything from Iran and neither do we want them to help us. We are not even ready to accept any sort of Iranian interference here. BUT, Imam Khomeini(r.a)’s global movement and revolution can be a great role model and guidance for us which can bring monumental changes here. One of the pieces of that revolutionary insight is that nations develop self-reliance in order to solve their problems using their own resources and strengths. They must build their own prestige and further their own stature as a nation. Following Khomeini(r.a)’s vision doesn’t necessarily imply following Iran, in fact, Khomeini(r.a) is global leader and a spiritual light for the entire humanity.

We have to abandon this shallow idea that someone else will come and bring solutions to us by a miracle. Each individual has to work and try for the collective betterment of our nation, only then we shall succeed


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