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Have you ever seen 300,000 people insulting a (biased) chief justice of their country?

Zawar Hussain Bismal recites an insult-poem (hajv) on pro-terrorists Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Massive applause by more than 300,000 Shia Muslims present at a mammoth rally in Lahore on 1 July 2012.

The rally was organized by the Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) to express Shia Muslims’ protest against their ongoing massacre at the hands of Jihadi-sectarian terrorists alleged to be supported by Pakistan army and judiciary.


6 comments on “Have you ever seen 300,000 people insulting a (biased) chief justice of their country?

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  3. Paracha
    July 6, 2012

    Ali Abbas Taj
    Jo soo soo fard ka Qatil tu unko rehahi deta hai.

    Har dooar mein hum majboor nahin Mukhatar bhi hum mein hotey hein.

    Akber Shakil
    That was need of the hour right ? to insult a chief Justice who is not answerable to you, whom you havent directly elected in to power, dont need to say anything to the elected government who possess complete power to exercise and execute states powers who could directly move police, FC, army, FIA, IB to squash these miscreants but dont busy they are too busy looting the country or saving one person’s corruption. ahmaqoon kee kami nahi iss jahan mein, aik dhondhoo hazar miltey hain.

    Ali Abbas TJ
    We don’t believe in the Justice system that allows Genocide to go on and free the self confessed murderer Lannat on this Justice.

    Sabah Hasan ‎
    Akber Shakil, I take it that you have heard all the speeches made at the MWM rally before initiating your criticism on what you claim was not said there. Those criticized included the terrorists, their foreign masters, all branches of government – which includes judiciary (and by the way the CJP being a public servant IS answerable to public) – the political parties that are heading various governments in the country, viz. PPP and PML-N. You have chosen to misquote me on at least two counts. I do not find that important enough to respond here.

    Sabah Hasan
    EXcellent hajv, by the way.

    Akber Shakil
    you endorse this idiotic rant?

    Ali Abbas Taj
    Eik Ghareeb Dukhi Shayer ki awaz hai isko to sar dunnya endorse karey gi.

    Sabah Hasan
    ‎Akber Shakil better such things as what you call “this idiotic rant” for catharsis of the cornered Pakistani Shias than bullets in return for the perpetrators and their protectors … protectors through crimes of commission as well as omission

    Sabah Hasan
    A CJP who finds two bottles of alcohol allegedly discovered in the personal baggage of an actress worthy of suo moto notice, but not the buckets of Shia blood being spilt daily by confessed terrorists being released by the Supreme Court is worthy of contempt. As our feloow JPJ member Yasir Ali has said:

    Teri tauheen farz hey mujh pr
    Khoon millat ka qrz hey mujh pr

    from JPJ facebook

  4. alitaj
    July 16, 2012

    Reblogged this on World Shia Forum and commented:

    To add to Zawar Hussain Bismal’s unforgettable recitation, here are 3 poems from Yasir Ali on the same subject. May Allah protect the the Shayer-e-Ahlulbait within us.

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