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Ban Shia Killing in Pakistan, #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite – by Ehtisham Rizvi

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When I first heard Shia Killing has been banned in Pakistan, I couldn’t believe my ears. After decadeds of persecution and attempted Shia genocide, finally a Sunni majority country, dominated by Jihadi-Deobandis and Jihadi-Wahhabis had decided that enough was enough, and no more Shias will be killed on their watch? But that was just me being the hopeless optimist that I am, the truth is that Shia killing is actually supported and rewarded in Pakistan, it is the security establishment’s favorite pastime, when they are not drinking and fornicating, they are out there killing Shias, at least via their Jihadist proxies.

So what is all that fuss about Shia killing being banned? As it turns is a website, which consistently monitors and reports Shias being killed in all areas and provinces of Pakistan. Apparently, Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has blocked access to this website within Pakistan. (While the website is blocked by PTA, the facebook page of Shia Killing website is still accessible:

So what does the government wish to achieve by blocking a website which spreads awareness? I think Hosni Mubarak and Gaddafi could answer that question quite amply, after all, controlling the web really worked out quite well for them.
The ban is a failed and rather pathetic attempt by the Saudi-Salafi funded agencies to stop the Shias from becoming united against the tyranny and oppression of the Saudi-Salafi funded Jihadi-sectarian militant groups. With more and more Shias being killed in Pakistan, the remaining are starting to see the light.

A Shia is the one who is always faithful to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Imam Ali (A.S.). If a state starts supporting the murder of Shias, if they start turning a blind eye towards the massacre of innocent victims, then the laws of that state are no longer applicable to the people being oppressed.

Shias played an integral part in creating this country, but now that they are being forced to migrate six feet under, they no longer feel any allegiance to the green and the white, the crescent and the star. The Shia community of Pakistan has been let down by various political and religio-political parties. Only recently they have started uniting under a new banner with the hope that their new leaders will be able to save them from further genocide. One could say that had a major role to play in this development.

So what would the government achieve by blocking this website? They have accounts on all sorts of different social media, they have an SMS service, and the last time I checked the Shia community has its own mosques and its own leadership. About 1400 years ago, 72 Shias of Imam Ali were killed in a dessert (Karbala), isolated from any population, in an era with no communication devices, they have not been forgotten, and their blood still serves as fuel for the flame inside every Hussaini’s heart. The establishment is far more incompetent than they are generally perceived, if they think that they can control the flow of information in this era, and if they think Shias forget their fallen.

I hope that the ban on will be lifted soon, and I hope this will only add to their motivation. For all the Shias, Sunnis, Ahmadis, Christians and others reading this, I request you that you do what you can to get this ban lifted, and more importantly, to work to highlight and stop Shia genocide in Pakistan in any way you can.

On Twitter, there is already an impressive campaign built up by Shia, Sunni, Ahmadi, Christian, Jew, Hindu and other activists, Pakistanis and foreigners, who are united in tweeting: #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite

However, for anyone who wants to access Shiakilling in Pakistan, can easily access it using proxies. I recommend using for this purpose.



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3 comments on “Ban Shia Killing in Pakistan, #DontBanShiaKillingWebsite – by Ehtisham Rizvi

  1. Raja Bilal Hyder
    July 20, 2012

    Stop Shia Killing in Pakistan

  2. Ali
    July 25, 2012

    Dont be so dramatic. Using karbla card.
    No need to turn any injustice into so called genocide. Many 100s of people die in target killings majority are not shia.Pakistan has a law and order problem which affects everyone so ofcourse it will affect shias aswell.

    I dont know why pta banned the website. Pakistan agencies are not salafist ever since musheraffs secularisation agenda.pakistan agencies have lost many men in the war against taliban. Pakistan uses some extremist groups to play them against each other etc even america and iran maintain ties with groups that hate them.

    Sectarian based political parties is bad for societhy all ethinic/ linguistic parties should be banned.many pakistani parties have shias in high positions however they are muslims first and dont play the sect card for votes. If politicians have failed you they have failed everyone not just shias. Its not been decades just since 80s

    Even in iraq shias are targetted yet shias dont blame goverment of iraq.

    Majority of pakistanis are united as a nation dont bring you arab style ethnic divisions to pakistan

  3. Fatima
    January 15, 2013

    Stop Shia (Muslim) killing in Pakistan

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