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FB discussion on the movies and rumors about reappearance of Imam Mahdi A.S

Editor’s Note: I came across this discussion in a Facebook discussion group. It seems there is a lot of discussion about the “Arrivals” and other movies interpreting prophetic hadith.  I wanted to share some skeptical views about how some of the hadith may have been over spun at little. Let the reader decide.

C-1: Syria won’t fall this time … My prognosis!

”Syrian security forces have managed to clear more areas of militants as fighting continues between the government troops and armed rebels in and around Damascus, Press TV reports.”

C-2 : I keep telling alot of friends this is not the first time these signs are coming about and the Mohib and Shia of Ahlulbayt have seen worse times – we hope this is the one but then we could be another century away or a millennium away.

C-3: C-2  sure it is not yet the sign, some of my friends are going crazy with rants of Sufiyani Sufiyani but this is too early to tell.

C-1:  Let us not forget hundreds of years of fossil fuels (this is just a myth that we will be out of oil in a few decades. I live in Norway and here we discover more and more oil on regular basis, not to mention oil shale and many other alternative forms of fossil fuels. And coal that can meet energy demands for centuries) I believe that energy (and water) crisis will play an important role in the end of times. But one should always wish, pray and work for the return of Imam . But a sincere prayer comes only from a selfless heart who cares about the whole world and humanity and does not take Imam just as a tool to solve his or his people’s problems.   A guy sent an email (a mass email) yesterday, the Sufiyanis are ready, do you recognise the Khurasanis. And I said to myself… what???? I should have written back to him, ”take it easy mate”. This ”Sufiyani and Khurasani hype” is not good for anyone.

C-3: the fake arrivals documentary has infected some minds.

C-1: Yes. And on top of that the film ”Mustanad – Zahoor Besyar Nazdeek Hast” that was produced by staunch supporters of Ahmedinejad and was loved by the ”Arrivals” fans, especially those with Pakistani-origin, without knowing that the top Islamic establishment of Iran not only disapproved of it but also arrested one of the producers of the film. The film almost assures that Zahoor is near and Ahmedinejad is Shoaib ibn Saleh and Rahber is the Khorasani. To my disappointment, Sayyed-e-Yamani was mentioned only in a peripheral manner in the passing… while he is supposed to be the most important figure in the episode of reappearance, of course after Imam.

PS: I don’t mean to undermine the significance of inqelab or position of Rahber. Who knows who is the Yamani and Khorasani. Until they appear, we have to support what we have.

C-3: the arrivals and others i think depict hassan nasrallah to be yamani :D

C-1: haha .. the other one had focus on SHN but also mentioned Yamani separately, if I remember correctly. I have heard an Aalim saying in an English speech, ”may be SHN is the Yamani” but that was enough for our friends to promote the video and shaping the ‘public opinion’. Very frustrating! Without having read any hadith oneself, how can we project our wishes and thoughts ont he personality of SHN and claim that he is the Yamani. The ahadith I have seen myself say clearly, he will come from ”San’aa”, capital city of Yemen, but God knows the best.

C-3:  Well they cite that saying that most Lebanese Shia have origins in Yemen

but the fact is that if anyone who claims to be an Arab by race has to have roots in Yemen……..Millenniums ago a big dam in Yemen burst and displaced millions of people many of whom in fright fled to various parts of current Arabian world…..some might have landed in Lebanon.

C-1: I was about to say the same. Every Arab has roots in Yemen. And so do I, most probably! I don’t know how authentic that is. Heard it from a historian.  Perhaps your statement is more true. while every arab may not have roots in yemen, all lebanese shia sayyed may have. in any case, SHN has roots in Yemen, so what? I also have roots in Iran, Iraq, Mecca and Medina

C-3: Other fake Messiahs are made from the same rant – our Imam (ATFJ) has left behind nobly selected guides and made it obligatory upon us to seek their guidance until one reaches to the same level of knowledge and spirituality to make ones own opinions. This is our guidance to separate right from wrong – fitnah from jihad in this moment

C-4: I have heard interpretations from perhaps the most respected scholar on the subject that khorasani is likely the Islamic revolution. Suufaini is the salafi uprising in Syria and LEJ types are part of it. He is not sure we have Yamani, does not think it is SHN. Yamani will be the righteous and from Yemen, from San na, located there.


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One comment on “FB discussion on the movies and rumors about reappearance of Imam Mahdi A.S

  1. Ahad
    July 26, 2012

    When you read Bihar ul Anwar, its written that Imam will only appear when he has 313 companions ready. These companions are only just ordinary good momin shias but people with immense wisdom, knowledge and physical and political powers. Even Allah is waiting for Shias to rise up and produce these men(6:158)

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