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Syria won’t fall – not this time! [Part 1] – by Dr. Nakvisson

The Free Syrian Army rebels near Aleppo
Photo by: Turkpix/AP [Source: Christian Science Monitor]

As the Syrian army prepares for a final all-out battle against the rebels in Aleppo, the world holds breath. Despite a fully-fledged odious media campaign to demonise the Syrian government, full backing to the rebels by the USA, Israel, Turkey and some European countries, and ideological and financial support to the Salafist-led rebellion by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, many parameters point to survival of the current Syrian government. Syria won’t fall, not this time! 

Syria – Climax of the Arab Spring” 
Arab Spring that was apparently not so desired by the USA and Israel in the beginning, turned out to be a great opportunity for the two allies to fulfil their plans they had been aspiring for since long ago. Capitalising on the Arab Spring and instigating an engineered revolution in Syria that is neither of the people nor popular was the best move they could make. A move that can help them get one step closer to implementing the new world order. As Egypt and Tunisia remain unstable in the aftermath of the ousted US-backed dictators and Libya is on the verge of disintegration, the mainstream media has only one focus. It is all about Syria – the climax of the Arab Spring.

An engineered ”revolution” – where are the people?

The so-called revolution in Syria is far from being like the ones in Egypt and Tunisia. Those were truly people’s movements carrying a certain Islamic colour, in response to decades of anti-Islamic and pro-Zionist policies of the US-backed dictators. The truly people’s movements made the strong dictators like Hosni and Zeinel Abedin to quit within months, despite that they enjoyed full-backing of the USA, Israel and many Western governments and government machineries at their disposal. In case of Syria, apart from a few scattered and small protests in some cities, there still remains to see a large demonstration by the people – something like Tahrir Square or Pearl Square in Manama, Bahrain. Instead, there has been talk of the rebels since the very beginning, openly getting support from the USA and financial and weaponry support from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The rebels soon organised themselves into the so-called ”Free Syrian Army”. But where are the masses, the most important element in a revolution? They are nowhere to be seen and it is all about the ”Free Syrian Army”, the Salafist-led mercenaries who are ready for everything that could possibly topple Bashar Al-Assad.

Benghazi-replica in Aleppo

The experimentation during the previous phases of the Arab Spring has given the imperialists with the expansionist agenda, and with that I mean USA and its European allies and of course the Zionist State of Israel, the possibility to implement in Syria what they have tested so far. Some aspects of the so-called Syrian ”revolution” are a replica of what happened in Libya. When the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s forces decided to attack Benghazi  (and with this I am not drawing parallels between Assad and Gaddafi because Gaddafi was a cruel and unjust dictator without any substantial public support contrary to Bashar Al-Assad) the Western governments (which the media calls the ”international community” but it is just a club of few countries belonging to NATO, USA and Israel) did put all their weight behind the rebels in Benghazi and gave them complete military support. Now as the Syrian army is getting prepared to an all-out war with the rebels, which the analysts call ”the mother of all battles” in Syria, the NATO advisers must have devised plans for Benghazi-replica in Aleppo, to create a sovereign territory for the rebels – the rebels who have the same ideology as the rebels in Libya and not so astonishingly also the Al-Qaida terrorists. They all drink from the same spring – they are all Wahhabi-inspired Salafists.

A Salafist-Zionist union

Salafists have certain traits that make them an excellent group for the USA and its allies to sponsor and support. Salafists consider all the mainstream Muslims heretics, especially the Shia Muslims. They are willing to cooperate with and receive support from anyone, even if it has been their staunch enemy, in order to achieve their goal. Moreover, they are firm and determined to sacrifice their lives in the way of ”god” and become ”martyrs”. In case of Syria, they have additional incentives to fight. They hate the Shia Muslims and the Alawis to the core. The rebels have been trying to massacre the Shia Muslims in Syria and aspire to destroy the iconic shrine of Lady Zeinab, a sacred place for Shia Muslims as well as Sunni Muslims all over the world. As the engineered rebellion in Syria that was orchestrated at the expense of Saudi Arabia’s petro-money, export of Al-Qaida terrorists into Syria and supply of weapons from some of the pro-Zionist Western governments and Turkey, the current Syrian government keeps getting moral support from Islamic Republic of Iran and Hizbullah, both Shia Muslims and staunch opponents of Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel. Iran, Syria and Hizbullah form together the biggest front against Israel and this front could only be broken through employing a Zionist-Salafist union and a mass media campaign distorting the facts about the situation in Syria. Will this front be broken?

Stay tuned and Part II of ”Syria Won’t fall – not this time!” will be coming soon!

[Dr. Nakvisson is an energy expert and a freelance journalist from Norway.]
Twitter: @Nakvisson

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3 comments on “Syria won’t fall – not this time! [Part 1] – by Dr. Nakvisson

  1. UmarAl-Baghdaadi
    July 28, 2012

    The shia mushrikiin and alawis will surely face great humiliation in Syria, for it is the land of muslims and islam. Yet it doesnt befit for muslim land to have polytheists as the ruling elite. Allah swt and the believers will fight that.

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