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Fortunately, the Sunni Hazara brothers are safe in Quetta – by Mehdi Changezi

Editors note: We are cross posting from LUBP to show that the Genocide of Hazaras in Quetta (Pakistan) is truly Shia Genocide by ISI Supported terrorist groups.

I am thankful to LUBP for publishing my previous letter exposing the infamous ISI tout Hussain Ali Yasa (a friend of HDP and Khaliq Hazara) who was arrested in Afghanistan. Today I want to highlight another important issue on which we see a lot of lies.

People in the media and Hazara Democratic Party (ISI-agents in Quetta) continuously lie to the world that Shia-Hazara killing in Quetta is more of an ethnic issue than religious. This is a deliberate attempt at deceiving those who do not know much about Quetta and it is done at the behest of the intelligence agencies.

Today I want to tell who do not know much about Quetta that I personally know about at least 1,000 Sunni-Hazara brothers who live in Quetta but they have never been targeted or harassed. The Sunni-Hazara population is actually much more than 1000 but I do not exactly know where the rest of them live. They are scattered in the city.

My question is: If Hazaras are killed because of their ethnicity then why the Sunni-Hazaras are never targeted?

The truth is that Shia-Hazara are targeted because of their faith, and it is not about being Hazara even. All Shias in Quetta are targeted irrespective of ethnicity.

In order to prove my point I am providing these details which can be counterchecked by anyone who wants to do so.
I personally know of three areas in Quetta where our Sunni-Hazara brothers live peacefully, which Shia-Hazara can visit only at the risk of their lives.

Almost all of Shia-Hazaras live either on Alamdar Road or in Hazara Town and have now been sort of cordoned in the area and cannot even move in the city freely. The Sunni-Hazaras live in areas which the Shia-Hazara cannot even imagine to visit.

These three areas are:

Faizabad-Saryab Road: Around 50 Sunni-Hazara families in live Faizabad area of Saryab Road Quetta. This area is known as the headquarters of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in Quetta. Some people will be surprised to know that on 5th August 2012 the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi safe house which blew up when a suicide car was being prepared to attack Youm-e-Ali (as) procession, was located in the same Faizabad area of Saryab Road. If Lashkar-e-Jhangvi wanted to kill only Hazaras and not Shias, how come the 50 Sunni-Hazara families live in the same area?

Kharotabad: Kharotabad is another no-go area for Shia-Hazaras, but around another 60 Sunni-Hazara families live in this area. It is one of the places in Quetta where a lot of Taliban settled after the US attack on Afghanistan. Other than Taliban, this place is also inhabited by Tajik, Russian and Uzbek militants (check video proof here). Sunni-Hazaras live in the area in peace and are not disturbed by anyone.

Kechi Beg: Around 40 Sunni-Hazara families live in the Kechi Beg area. This area is located between Western Bypass and Sariab Road, and Shia-Hazaras as well as other Shias have been targeted in both of these areas. But the Sunni-Hazara families are safe and sound in the area.

This is not to suggest that all people who live in the area should be considered terrorist or that somehow Sunni-Hazaras help terrorists. But the point I am making is that even in areas where foreign and local terrorists have found sanctuaries, Sunni-Hazara just like others, live in peace and are neither targeted nor harassed, which proves that the Hazaras who are killed in Quetta are all Shia and are targeted by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi only because of their religion.
I do not want that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi should attack Sunni-Hazara too. I am happy that they are safe. But I think what I have said completely proves that all Shias are targeted in Quetta, and from amongst Hazaras, only the Shia ones are targeted. And apart from Shia-Hazaras, around 200 non-Hazara Shias have also been targeted.

HDP should stop lying and playing politics on the martyrs of Quetta and the media should not fall victim to their propaganda.

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