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Shia massacre in peaceful Kaghan valley – by Farrukh Sajjad

Yet another horrific atrocity took place in the broad day light against the defenseless and innocent Shia Muslims of Gilgit/Baltistan. Once again the state security apparatus failed to protect them. The intelligence and security apparatus who are fed on the direct and indirect taxes of people and are supposed to protect the life and property of the citizens of this unfortunate republic were again found caught napping. This time the ghastly crime took place in the earthly paradise of Babusar, clearly indicating that terrorist infrastructure have got a strong foot hold in hitherto peaceful valley of Kaghan.

While there is no hope that the terrorists who committed this cowardly and inhuman act in the holy month of Ramadan could be ever deterred and refrained from committing such atrocious crimes, it is reprehensible that our security apparatus had facilitated them in committing this crime in ease and comfort as they did it earlier in Kohistan and Chilas. No heads were rolled at that time and no serious effort were made at that time to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in future. The military establishment also does not give much importance to these acts as they found them not detrimental to the national security.

It is regretful that the savagery and inhumanity displayed in such types of incidents is never exposed by the media. These incidents are deliberately made palatable by the media and law enforcement agencies by portraying them as of sectarian nature. Though such horrific incidents are nothing but plain terrorism. The portrayal of such incidents as sectarian attack make the general public particularly those belong to majority sect either neutral or sometimes sympathetic to the position of terrorists.

Now what could be the possible aim of the religion based terrorists to commit such acts. One of them is rooted in the ideology of Takfiri school of thought, so they motivate their cadres to do as much shia killing as possible. This would not only provide them soft targets but would also keep their spirits and morale high. Secondly for the strategic reason they want shias to be driven out from the strategically important areas of Gilgit, Baltistan, Kurram valley and also Quetta. The only reason to drive them out from these areas is to establish their unopposed hold in these areas and carry on terrorist activities not against their own people but against other countries like China, Iran, and Afghanistan. The terrorist elements know very well that the only community who would check their advances and encroachments would be shias, as witnessed in Parachinar. The third reason is giving signal to other communities who are opposed to the talibani world view to take the lessons from the sufferings of shias and come to terms with their world view. Fourthly they want to tear apart the unity and cohesion of Pakistan and want to slide it into chaos and sectarianism.

It would still be not too late if our security and military establishment as well as political leadership woke up from their deep slumber and take some practical steps to heal the wounds of people of Gilgit and Baltistan in particular and shias in general. The apathy and indifference of state apparatus is driving them to wall. There are possibilities that if the state does not initiate meaningful steps to assuage their wounds, they may also launch a separatist movements in the lines of disgruntled youth of Balouchitan and which may be encouraged and abetted by none other than India. The two factors preventing them is their deep attachment to Pakistan and influence of moderate Ulema who shun the idea of any terrorist activity and alliance with India. However the separatist currents cannot be held in abeyance ever. The India is just sitting next door and they are more than willing to provide any type of logistical support, which may provide them an opportunity to get revenge of their own festering wound of Kashmir.

So what are the solutions? Nothing but zero tolerance against militancy by arresting them, prosecuting them and punishing them and also dismantling the terror infrastructure comprising of financers, supporters of terrorists in Government agencies, and the intellectuals/alims supporting the terrorists. The terrorists seldom get any punishment as most of their convictions are over turned in Supreme Court due to technical reasons. However in the lone case where the Supreme Court also upheld the sentence of trial court the execution of terrorist was unduly stayed by the President in June 2012, with the only aim to pressurize the family of victim into compromise. The patriotic people of Gilgit and Baltistan are not asking for moon, what they want is to live with dignity and honor in accordance with their own traditions and to be left alone from the self imposed champions of Islam.

Source: ET Comment


One comment on “Shia massacre in peaceful Kaghan valley – by Farrukh Sajjad

  1. admin
    August 18, 2012

    Four buses were ambushed while going from Rawalpindi to Gilgit Baltistan; passengers were asked to pull out their CNICs and 25 Shias were killed cold blood. This attack was similar to the one in Harban area of Kohistan in February 2012 when 20 Shias were killed. The Hazara Shia community has for long been the target of a militant group.
    Why have the intelligence agencies failed to nab those responsible for such dastardly acts and why are the security forces not eliminating those militant groups which want to conduct a sectarian cleansing by executing members of the Shia community and create anarchy in the country? Is it not the prime responsibility of the government to protect the lives and property of every citizen?
    Attacks on Shias are nothing new and yet the state and the security establishment has failed to take any notable action against them. Rather they have intensified with the advent of the Taliban and increased militancy and extremism in the country. The Shia community has been pushed to the walls. How long can the Shia community remain defenseless?
    Pakistan does not belong to a few thousand extremists and every citizen has the right to live in accordance to his own faith. It is not acceptable in a civilized world for one sect to enforce its ideology on the other sects.
    It is time that those in positions of authority seriously consider how to prevent such anarchy and root out the menace of sectarianism and fundamentalism. Otherwise, Pakistan will not be able to survive for long.

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