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Sunni Shia Unity and the role of MQM – by Ali Taj

World Shia Forum commends Altaf Bhai and the MQM for making a bold statement about Shia Genocide. This statement while heartening is not enough. It is time for all political forces to make a united front and embark on a comprehensive plan to rid Pakistan of extremism. To surgically remove decades of cancerous growth, let us get serious.

1) Take Madrassas back to pre 1975 numbers by converting the rest to regular schools.

2) Have speedy trial courts supervised by a commission of known and reputable judges like Rana Bhagwan Das for those accused of terrorism.

3) Ban takfir of Shia Muslims or bigotry against any group should be considered a crime with harsh consequences.

4) Deweaponize the entire country.

Some of these proposals have already been echoed by Altaf Bhai and others.  World Shia Forum calls upon MQM and all political parties to make a united manifesto, a save Pakistan Manifesto.

LONDON: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain says elements killing Shia Muslims, after taking them out of buses and verifying their identity, are in fact conspiring to disintegrate Pakistan.

All patriotic Pakistanis must boycott such ruthless elements, he said while speaking to Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik on telephone, a MQM press release said on Wednesday.

Hussain said Pakistan was being encircled by threats from all sides and people belonging to Shia community were being killed. He said it was gross injustice and termed it as act of enmity against the country.

He said it was a historical reality that founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah belonged to Khoja Twelver Shia sect and when he died, two separate funeral prayers were offered.

One funeral prayers was offered by Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, and other funeral prayer offered by a Shia cleric. No one could possibly deny these historical facts. Anyone challenging this would be lying, he stated.

The MQM chief said Shias are also Pakistanis. Even Hindus, Sikhs and Christians living in Pakistan were citizens of equal stature. Elements compelling Hindus, Sikhs or other non-Muslims to leave Pakistan were, in fact, doing injustice to Pakistan, and brushing aside teachings of Quaid-i-Azam with contempt.

He said country would be lost in darkness if patriotic Pakistanis did not come forward to put an end to this injustice. All educated, enlightened, moderate Pakistanis should boycott heartless elements killing innocent people.

The press release said agreeing to assertions of Hussain, Prime Minister Ashraf said killing of innocent people on basis of their religious beliefs, whether Shia or any other sect or religion, was height of injustice, utter bestiality.

He said elements involved in such heinous deeds were not doing any good to Pakistan. The prime minister said situation in Pakistan could improve greatly if all leaders began to think like Altaf Hussain. He also exchanged Eid greetings with the MQM chief.

Interior Minister Malik said Pakistan needed unity and solidarity. “We should not think as Shia, Sunni, Hindu, Muslim or any other religion. We should rise above religious belief and think about Pakistan. No citizen of the country should be discriminated against for any reason,” said the minister.

Malik said elements wanting to fan fire the sectarian strife within the country were not friends of Pakistan, and they would be dealt with accordingly.

He exchanged Eid greetings with the MQM chief. Hussain praised steps taken for maintaining law and order on Eid.

Source : DAWN

Sunni and Shia have always been united even decades of killing by ISI backed lunatic fringe of Deobandi (fooled by Wahhabi)  groups has not broken the bonds of trust and love between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Babusar killings Sunnis refused to identify Shias in front of terrorists

M Taqi Akhunzada
Sunday, August 19, 2012
From Print Edition The News

SKARDU: Bodies of three, out of the twenty-two who were slaughtered at Babusar, were brought from the site of the carnage to Skardu and buried amid immense sorrow and grief. The funeral prayer, led by leading religious leader Sheikh Hasan Jafri, was attended by about 50,000 people. In his address on the occasion, Sheikh Hasan Jafri said that this is a heinous crime committed by terrorists as no sect allows such a despicable act. He said that these terrorists are not Muslims, let alone they belong to any sect. He urged the people to follow the true spirit of Islam and remain calm and restrained. Those buried were identified as Hamid, Qari Hanif and Shabbir Husain. According to an eye witnesses of the horrific incident, on August 16 some buses on way from Rawalpindi to Astore were intercepted at Babusar by about 14 terrorists wearing commando uniforms and carrying walkie-talkies while dozens of their fellow terrorists stood on the nearby hills. They ordered the passengers to step down and started enquiring about their sect. Those who belonged to Shia sect were taken aside and later shot dead in cold blood. The total killed were 22, including four Sunni Muslims, who protested and pressed the terrorists not to kill innocent Shia Muslims. One Sajjad who luckily saved his life said that fellow Sunni passengers did a good job by saving many lives otherwise all Shias would have been brutally murdered. The terrorists even beat Sunni passengers and forced them to help in identifying Shias so that they could kill them. In spite of that, the Sunnis did not cooperate with them, he added. The same tactics were used in Kohistan in March in which a Gilgit bound bus was intercepted and 18 Shia passengers were slaughtered by terrorists wearing army uniforms. Thirteen of those killed in the latest incident belong to Astore, three to Skardu, two to Karachi, and one to Gujar Khan in the Punjab and three to Gilgit. The Ulema of Gilgit, Baltistan and from all schools of thought condemned the incident and termed it a heinous crime and declared that terrorists are not Muslim, rather they are anti Muslim and anti-Islam.

We have  a similar account of courage from a social media commentator.

Four brave Pakistani Sunni Muslim brothers sacrificed their lives for Shia Muslim brothers. In Naran, when beasts of taliban and sipah sahaba were identifying Shias, the terrorists even beat Sunni passengers and forced them to help in identifying Shias so that they could kill them. In spite of that, the Sunnis did not cooperate with them and then saudi sponsored beasts killed four Sunni Muslims with other 22 Shia Muslims. What do u not think that it is an extraordinary incident and those 4 brave Sunni brothers showed us a way to defeat terrorism???? Would we not share that information to everyone???? But our Media is silent about it. Salute to those 4 brave Sunni martyrs.

Similarly Shia Muslims have protected and helped their Sunni brother in such terrifying times. We have unique examples of humanity at work.

Response of the victims (Shia Muslims of Gilgit Baltistan) was to free 34 hostages, including two government officials, in Nagar Valley of the Hunza – Nagar District, Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. The people had fallen hostage after a massacre near Chilas, where at least 13 people were killed by a Doebandi/Wahhabi mob brainwashed by Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan aka Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat.


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