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LEJ-ASWJ-SSP admit to murdering over 700 Shia Muslims but roam free in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia – by Ali Taj

World Shia Forum applauds this courageous exchange between Muhammad Malick and journalist Amir Mateen. The two journalists presented an objective and realistic analysis of Shia Genocide in Pakistan.

First part of the program is and exchange between Muhammad Malick and journalist Amir Mateen to highlight some very disturbing facts:

1. Evidence shows government agencies(read ISI) are backing Shia Killing. Small infractions prompt Government agencies to place people regularly on Exit Control List or ECL in Pakistan (they cannot leave the country because there are charges or cases pending). However, in the case of Malik Ishaq the self confessed murderer of over 700 Shia Muslims has been allowed to leave Pakistan and is now hosted by Saudi Arabia the den of criminals.

2. In 2006 5 people were caught by police in Quetta who confessed to mass murder of Shia Muslims and were convicted by the courts.  These convicted mass murderers were conveniently allowed to walk out of the highest security prison inside the Pakistan Army Cantonment in Quetta in. The Hazara police officers guarding the criminals were transferred out and new cooperative guards were brought in, Hazara police officers are on record resisting transfers.

3. When these 5 people were in custody the killings of Shias in Quetta had declined to very low number. As soon as these criminals were allowed to escape the killings started with even more ferocity.

4. The Baloch rebels are traditionally not religious extremists or allied with Talibaan, unlike the Punjabi Talibaan or LEJ. The agencies are trying to morph the Baloch rebels into religious extremists with Shia Hazara as a convenient scapegoat.

5. The Pakistan Muslim league (PMLN) and Pakistan Threek e Insaf  (PTI) were seen with Malik Ishaq of LEJ-ASWJ-SSP at their Defense of Pakistan rallys, also known as another face of the Pakistan Army.

6. Mateen concludes by asserting this is being done by the State of Pakistan to minorities whereas Pakistan was created for the Muslim minority of India because they felt insecure in India.

In second  part of the clip they invite  two deeply anti-Shia clerics (radical Deobandi cleric Ludhianvi of SSP-ASWJ, and Salafi cleric Ibtisam Elahi Zahir of Jamiat Ahle Hadith) and a Hazara ethnic leader Abdul Khaliq Hazara (notorious for misrepresenting Shia genocide in ethnic terms). Muhammed Malick demonstrates the reluctance of the clerics to issue Fatwas against the killers of Shia Muslims. He also demonstrates a clear nexus between the killers of Shia Muslims and their vocal supporters.


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