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Youth demo in Islamabad against sectariansm

Photos from the Radio Pakistan website

Report adapted from Radio Pakistan’s website. For videos of the event please click this link.
Scores of youth from all sects‚ religious background and schools of thought participated in a demonstration on Sunday, organised by the Pakistan Youth Alliance. The demonstrators marched on Jinnah Avenue in blue area and expressed solidarity with all those who have been martyred in the terrorist incidents in the country.

They raised slogans like ‘we will save country’‚ ‘we will save peace’‚ ‘come join us’, ‘we want justice’ and ‘Shia‚ Sunnis are brothers’. The participants held a thematic demonstration there and called for sectarian harmony and peace in the country.

dscn2024_800Wearing clothes splattered with red, representing blood, they lay down on the road holding banners and placards proclaiming: “this is not the Pakistan we want”‚ ‘Stop Sectarian killings’ and ‘We condemn sectarian killings’.

After the march and demonstration some participants addressed the rally. They said that the demonstration has given a message to the world that Pakistani youth is against and condemn terrorism and sectarian violence in all its forms and manifestations.


They said some elements are destroying the peace of the country by their nefarious designs. They said that Pakistani youth will continue their struggle against terrorism and sectarian violence and made every effort for peace and harmony in the country.

dscn1972_800_01They condemned sectarian violence and target killing incidents in different parts of the country and expressed solidarity with the families of the victims of the violence. They said that youth from Karachi to Gilgit-Baltistan representing all sects have given a clear message that we are united in the fight against sectarian killings and violence.

The speakers said that they would continue to work for strengthening democracy in the country where the rights of all people belonging to every sect and faith will be safeguarded.


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