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“At least 50% of Pakistani Shias consider Sunnis as non-Muslims”, claims Daily Times editor

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

@MehrTarar I agree, but that doesn’t answer my question.

@AbdulNishapuri Just b/c sme ppl r jerks,it doesnt mean th majority holds tht view.We are ALL Muslims.Believe in Allah,Quran,Prophet(PBUH)

@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar Shia Hujjaj offer their 5 times prayers behind Sunni Imam(prayer ldr) in Kaaba (Mecca) & Medina.

@MehrTarar I ve pity for ur Shia friends’ views for Sunnis but what I can assure is these TAKFIRIs far far less than mentioned 50%

@MehrTarar We hope similarly u would be generous to categorize your TAKFIRI Shias friends as JERKs & SOME & would stay away from the morrons

@MehrTarar You wish to see some samples on Twitter? I dare you to show a similar sample from Shia Twitterati.

 Retweeted by Mahdi Baloch

@MehrTarar May God save you and ebery human from the best fiend Shias who say “Sunnis r non-muslims”. But u ve got v good friends

@MehrTarar I m sure no Shia would ve ever said in front of u “u ppl must be killed”, now ask us how we live our lives

@MehrTarar Mam which few ppl? Ludhanivi says all this on TV infront of millions, biggest seminary in number & followup BANORIA & still few?

@MehrTarar All I can say is better to stay away from these Shia friends, they can be anything but followers of Ali & Hussain. Kind regards

@MehrTarar sunnis r kafir. I trust your interaction but I don’t know where these Morrons one can find.

@MehrTarar Pak Sunni scholars’ views on Shias. Finally ur interaction is better, I lived my life with Shias but couldn’t find single who say

@MehrTarar Would be better to ask what Shia scholars say? Kindly tell us how many Shia scholars say this? I can send u books of KSA, Egypt

@MehrTarar If u r going for ur personal interactions how many Shias told u “Sunnis must be killed”, I remember atleat 2.

@MehrTarar You wish to see some samples on Twitter? I dare you to show a similar sample from Shia Twitterati.

@AbdulNishapuri Btw, not a single SUNNI out of many who participated in this conversation today said she/he considers Shias as non-Muslims

@MehrTarar Btw, not a single Shia out of many who participated in this conversation today said s/he considers Sunnis as non-Muslims.

@AbdulNishapuri @KarrarrHussain Help Muslims.Try 2 find a unfying narrtive instd of psting statemnts basd on divisive truth of a FEW by PEW

@MehrTarar I am a Shia. And I don’t hold any such view. Neither do my people. I attend Majlis. I don’t hear any such thing. :)

@MehrTarar A rally against Shia genocide is held and is thinly attended. Voices on mainstream media are quiet. So on and so forth.

@MehrTarar Defusing the tension doesnt mean denying the reality.Genocide u see on the streets by a Takfiri group is being met with silence>

@MehrTarar @AbdulNishapuri You’re being dismissive, ma`am. Emotions are respected, but not a criterion to adjudge an empirical study. :)

@KarrarrHussain Hw abt trying 2 defuse tnsions b/w Muslims by NOT making thse foreign surveys basd on intraction wth a FEW ppl so IMPORTANT?

@MehrTarar We too care for you and don’t consider you or Sunnis as non-Muslims. At least include use in your sample :) @KarrarrHussain

@MehrTarar V only want u not to generalize Shias on the whole & present it to the World. Anti-Muslims flame up these issues. Else, one Ummah

@MehrTarar @mehsoore @ShiaHazara1 @AbdulNishapuri a year, but considers sunnis non-Muslims, says it openly in discussions

@KarrarrHussain @AbdulNishapuri And Karrar,neither do I.;s based on Shias I knw personally,who are like family to me. We dont care

@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar Sunnis are Muslims according to all Shia Ulema big or small, extreme and liberal they are Muslim.

@MehrTarar We all know you as a caring editor. Emphasis here was: Please, don’t state something empirically contestable. That’s it.

@nrehman @MehrTarar @AbdulNishapuri Personal experiences are the parameters to judge a community? Don’t we see the teachings?

@MehrTarar @mehsoore @ShiaHazara1 @AbdulNishapuri ‘vvv strong-faithed’ oh please, my shia friend only goes to imambargah twice

@MehrTarar That’s a remarkable exaggeration of its kind, ma`am. Your few friends don’t constitute 50%. Again,empirical evidence is needed

@ShiaHazara1 Anyone who knows me how strongly I feel abt this issue.To me all of us are Muslims living together.

@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar @ShiaHazara1 Let we see Shia Clerics emphasis on Sunni-Shia unity.this will give also clear all ambiguity.

@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar I’m sorry but ma`am sounded a bit emotional there. I can assure her that we don’t hold any such view

@KarrarrHussain Wow.I’m gnralising???Hilarious.The prson who retweetd didnt?Dont hv a problm wth Shias but all the Shias I knw do.I said tht

@MehrTarar The Grand Ayatollas representing Shia faith are clear. They’re not Takfiris. It’s as clear as that.

@circuitcity1‏ ‎@AbdulNishapuri‏ ‎@MehrTarar‏ سوال یہ بھی بنتا ہے کونسا سنی فرقہ اپنے دوسرے سنی فرقے کو مسلمان سمجھتا ہے

@MehrTarar Theologically, I am deficient. But academically, I am all for empirical analysis. So I request you not to be unscientific.

@circuitcity1‏ ‎@AbdulNishapuri‏ ‎@MehrTarar‏ مہر تاڑر کے جواب سے لگتا انکی اسلامی تاریخ پر نظر کم ہی پڑی ہے

@AbdulNishapuri @mehsoore @ShiaHazara1 Empirical data based on questions asked 2 a marked number of the population.And mine was wt Martians?

@MehrTarar I hold respect for you,ma`am,for being a liberal voice. So I expect a rational rebuttal/evidential refutation than generalization

@KarrarrHussain @MehrTarar We can help Daily Times in conducting such survey. How’s that? Let’s be scientific & unemotional.

Dear @mehrtarar whenever again any naive Shia says that, plz remind him ‘Muslim brotherhood-foremost priority’ – Grand Shia Cleric.

@MehrTarar You are comparing empirical data with your personal experiences & subjective interpretations. No? @mehsoore @ShiaHazara1

@MehrTarar How about countering that Pew survey with a survey, established and supported by statistics, than generalizing?

@MehrTarar Your saying ‘vice versa’ was a ‘Phew’ moment for Pew survey. Shia dominated countries don’t hold the view 50% held here.

@AbdulNishapuri @mehsoore @ShiaHazara1 Sure.Yr gneralisation basd on Pew’s correct.Mine based on prsonal intraction’s not.Of course,Im wrong

@MehrTarar @AbdulNishapuri Not a single shia nor any seminary claiming Sunnis as non-muslims.

@MehrTarar Being a writer and editor,who know better than yourself that generalization is anti-academic,and an antithesis to intellectuality

@MehrTarar Believe me, I too happen to have may Shia friends, and I hope you don’t discount my experience. Why generalize?

@MehrTarar @ShiaHazara1 @AbdulNishapuri Did you ever see any fatwa from Qum/Najaf Seminaries against Sunnis?? So how could you say that?

@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar It is not true at all. Any fatwa by shia scolars?

@MehrTarar I don’t deny your personal experience. I only disagree with your generalization. @mehsoore @ShiaHazara1

@AbdulNishapuri Not implying anythng.Just saying wht I knw.B4 my Shia friend said it,I didnt evn realise we were different.AND I STILL DONT.

@mehsoore @ShiaHazara1 @AbdulNishapuri http://Read.Carefully.Th vvv strong-faithed Shias I KNW considr Sunnis non-Muslims.Yet v r best friends.

@MehrTarar @abdulnishapuri No issues Shia Sunnis. Why after 9-11. Bahrain. Syria. Pak. Iraq.Libya.Morroco. Tunis. Who wants us to fight.


@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar No shia aalim ever issed fatwa of Takfeer of sunnis. We consider sunnis as muslims

@AbdulNishapuri Unlke u I didnt tweet ths to Dear Pakistni Sunnis calling on Sunnis I knw.I stnd by wht I said.Basd on wht’s been said 2 me

@MehrTarar Many Shia friends said the same to me on my face!@abdulnishapuri

@MehrTarar Your truth is appreciated. In other words, you think 50% or all Shias of Pakistan consider Sunnis as non-Muslims. Right?

@MehrTarar @abdulnishapuri despite the differences. No one wants violence against other sects. Only a tiny minority is causing troubles

@AbdulNishapuri I was being kind.Cldnt have said ALL.Can’t go on abt somethng I know 4 a fact.My apology for speaking the truth

@ShiaHazara1 @AbdulNishapuri @mehrtarar Our daily dealings with Sunnis are more than those with shias .

@MehrTarar I don’t deny that a few sectarian Shias in Pakistan might consider Sunnis as non-Muslims. But are they really 50% as you implied?

@AbdulNishapuri Shia friends.My best friend who goes 4 ziarat 2 Iraq twice a yr,sriously religious,said it 2 my face.Thts hw I knw

@MehrTarar Please review your own tweet. You said “And vice versa”. What exactly does vice versa mean?

@AbdulNishapuri Tht’s the diff b/w u&me.I didnt protest as loudly as ur doing b/c I stand by wht I said,based on wht I hv knwn 4 yrs thru my

@MehrTarar If you read the same survey, you will note that in Shia majority countries, most Shias treat Sunnis as Muslims.

@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar We don’t consider Sunnis as Non-Muslim! .United Ummah(Shia-Sunni) is our slogan

@AbdulNishapuri its lie n she>>> @MehrTarar talking nonsens things

@SaroorIjaz @MehrTarar The word ‘B*****” is used to describe how cool she is. :s

@AbdulNishapuri Ergo,I lie.Right?Surveys r based on wht a few ppl say.Wht I’m saying’s the same.Things I’m told.For me Shia/Sunni no diff

@AbdulNishapuri @mehrtarar As if we are asked ‘Is ur brother an atheist?’ . Shias honor Sunnis more than any other sect does.

@AbdulNishapuri I claim?I know?50 percent?Yr statement is based on an int’l survey.Mine is on my personal interaction.Things said 2 my face.

Dear Pakistani Shias: Can you please confirm what @MehrTarar just claimed. Do 50% of you consider Sunnis as non-Muslims?

@MehrTarar Would you ever publish such stuff. I am sure you will not.


@SaroorIjaz You kdding right?No newspaper in Pakistan would allow that to be printed.


@MehrTarar You claim that 50% of Shias of Pakistan consider Sunnis as non-Muslims and don’t want to furnish evidence. Good going.

@AbdulNishapuri Do I need the confirmation fm an international survey?Hv many very close friends-Shias-v religious-& I knw wht they say.

@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar Good so according Abdul Nishapuri “Suunis are Momins?”,this need to spread everywhere.appreciate your pt of view.

@AdeelKhi Sunnis are as much a Momin and Muslim as are Ahmadis, Deobandis, Salafis and Shias. @MehrTarar

@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar My question is simple “Are Sunni Momin?”, Yes or No.

@AdeelKhi There is a difference between considering a non-Momin and a non-Muslim. Takfiri mindset at play. @MehrTarar

@AbdulNishapuri @MehrTarar A simple question ‘Are Sunni Momin?”, pls reply.

@MehrTarar Is that too reported in Pew survey?

Well said! Stop looking at one side of the coin only! “@MehrTarar:@AbdulNishapuri And vice versa.”

@MehrTarar @AbdulNishapuri Even Sunni is not “Momin” according to some, we need to grow up.

Abdul NishapuriAbdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri

Only 50 percent Sunnis in Pakistan accept Shias as Muslims – Pew Survey  #ShiaGenocide


2 comments on ““At least 50% of Pakistani Shias consider Sunnis as non-Muslims”, claims Daily Times editor

  1. Shoaib
    September 10, 2012

    THEY (MUSLIMS) say that they believe in God(Allah) and the Last day but they are not believers(momins)…… because the real faith has not yet entered their hearts.

  2. Ch. Azmat
    October 2, 2012

    omar r quraishi ‏@omar_quraishi
    Excellent story by Abdul Manan in possible alliance between PML-N and AWSJ for election

    Abdul Manan ‏@manan189
    #PMLN managed to get it removed from our website. My article divulge covert deal b/w Sharifs n ASWJ per via @etribune

    Jahanzaib Haque ‏@jhaque_
    Threatened or bribed? Express Tribune removes report on PML-N’s alliance with Sipah-e-Sahaba

    farahnaz ispahani ‏@fispahani
    Hmmm.. RT @jhaque_: Threatened or bribed? Express Tribune removes report on PML-N’s alliance with Sipah-e-Sahaba

    2h Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @fispahani @jhaque_ Maybe,it was a simple retraction because it couldn’t be substantiated?

    2h Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @MehrTarar Shah se barh kar… Did you read tweets by ET’own staff? @fispahani @jhaque_

    1h Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AbdulNishapuri @fispahani @jhaque_ Who’s Shah?I said ths in the morn.Whts the big deal abt offring an opinion?I shld say wht othr ppl want?

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @MehrTarar Don’t add to obfuscation and denial on #ShiaGenocide please. You have a clear pattern of doing that. Very sad.

    ehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AbdulNishapuri Wht is yr problem?Ths is whts wrong wt ppl.Yes,I dont think Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif are killing anyone.Kill me 4 tht.

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @MehrTarar Good for you.

    1h Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AbdulNishapuri Yes,I have a clear pattern of thinking people are not monsters.Only some ppl r evil.We shld all bow down to u for that?

    1h Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @MehrTarar That’s a separate topic.

    Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @MehrTarar @AbdulNishapuri No matter wht u say.Label ppl monsters.Call me anything.I will NEVER say our brothers Shias are our target.WONT

    1h Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AbdulNishapuri You want to penalise the whole world for the sins of a few;I refuse to do that.Good luck and good night.

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @MehrTarar Goodnight

    1h Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @MehrTarar @AbdulNishapuri No matter wht u say.Label ppl monsters.Call me anything.I will NEVER say our brothers Shias are our target.WONT

    1h Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @MehrTarar What do you mean by “our target”? Who is “our”?

    1h Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AbdulNishapuri Don’t owe u or any one any explanation.Pls engage wt someone who believe people are monsters.I hv my own issues to deal with

    58m Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @MehrTarar You don’t owe me an explanation, but victims of #ShiaGenocide may be perturbed by your obfuscations and denials. Good luck!

    53m Mehr Tarar ‏@MehrTarar
    @AbdulNishapuri Good to know my TWEET abt an ET article,a rival paper has tht kinda power.Keep penalising people on Twitter.Good luck/

    BalochFaryad ‏@BalochFaryad
    Take a close look at @AbdulNishapuri s TL this how you confront someone not by beginning or ending ur statements by “lol”.

    farid alvie ‏@faridalvie
    @fispahani @iamthedrifter didn’t ahsan iqbal deny the report and alliance?

    farahnaz ispahani ‏@fispahani
    @faridalvie @iamthedrifter if their reporting ws wrong they shld have apologized.If factual then they shld have included N denial in story

    Ayesha Siddiqa ‏@iamthedrifter
    @fispahani @faridalvie wasn’t wrong just had to be pushed out of sight

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    @KamranShafi46 Here’s another one: and @fispahani @iamthedrifter

    farahnaz ispahani ‏@fispahani
    @KamranShafi46 @iamthedrifter ET removed a story that demonstrated links btwn N and Extremist groups.

    Ayesha Siddiqa ‏@iamthedrifter
    @fispahani @jhaque_ looks like bribed :)

    Ayesha Siddiqa ‏@iamthedrifter
    @fispahani will DM details but upshot the independent vibrant media is very slimy

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