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Facebook discussions on freedom of speech, slander and defamation – by Ali Taj

Does Freedom of Press also cover Slander, Calumny , Discredit, disgrace, or shame and dishonour, unworthy actions, or misdemeanor; evil name, abuses ?

1. Freedom of Press is NO doubt a great blessing, but why should we confuse “Slander” with the Right to free speech? No law on earth include “Slander, False and malicious misrepresentation and Calumny” in the Rights to Free Speech.

2. How can the Law of defamation apply only to “LIVING” persons? I see no logic in it. If someone defames or abuses or utters slanderous words against my deceased mother or your mother, why can’t he be penalized by the Court of Law? Does it cause less pain and anguish, if someone’s mother or father be DEAD? In fact FAR more pain and anger.3. The greatest Criterion and truth is the demand of the factual human situation and response mechanism of human beings. If you would see the existing discrepancy , in your concept of “Freedom and Rights” and had you been in accord with the natural human responses you would have demanded to produce the culprit in the court of Law for causing such serious human reaction due to his calumnious and slanderous “film”.4. Even an ordinary citizen would not forgive such Calumny and Slander against her/him. Would you in the name of freedom of speech and press ignore it?5. The basic flaw and the inability to see the nature of the problem is due to the paradigm that religious characters are but myths and imaginary figures, hence no law may apply to them in cases of defamation or slander or false allegations, no legal proceedings may therefore be instituted. In fact this does not apply to the Holy Prophet of Islam. He existed as a real and historical human being and a holy teacher, and still a Living Teacher and Model followed by billions.

On of the great humanitarian’s of our time Todd Shea Speaks:

I will always support and stand with any and all Human Beings who speak out in peaceful protest against anyone who intentionally disrespects, disparages or abuses another Human Being’s deeply held beliefs, religion or revered Holy Prophets and leaders. I will never support any Human Being who uses that act of inhumanity and disrespect simply as an excuse to kill, burn, loot, destroy, violently release their frustrations and generally act inhuman. Behaving with violent riots and attacking property, assaulting police guards and murdering people who are guilty of nothing more than being from the same country as the offender, are never appropriate ways to show love and respect for anyone, up to and including our Creator. With regards to the disgusting film that has created an uproar all over the

 World, all decent Human Beings, whether Muslim, Christian, Jew or any other religion, should speak up with one unified voice against both the makers of the film AND those who do not act in the merciful and compassionate way that The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is historically documented to have acted against those who directly abused him. The true way to respect and love The Holy Prophet is to be merciful and teach others right from wrong, as He acted in his life, and NOT to lash out in blind anger against anyone and anything that makes a convenient target. There is not a single instance that anyone can point out where the Holy Prophet lashed out with blind hatred, anger and destruction against any other Human Being. Did He shed even a single drop of His enemies’ blood when He conquered Mecca? It is the duty of all Human Beings to show their fellow Human Beings that reacting to an injustice with further injustice will never produce any justice for anyone anywhere. Pass it on via internet, text, phone, to cities, towns, villages, offices, shops, schools and places of worship…

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