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The world was a different place before Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Lebanese Shi`ite cleric, `Abdul-Husayn Sharaf Ad-Din leads Muslims in prayer in Mecca in 1340 HA.  It shows you how much Saudi Wahhabi changed Islam.

PS I grew up with the picture of `Abdul-Husayn Sharaf Ad-Din, the Mufti of Tyre, in my memory. His portrait was the only one not belonging to the family in my grandfather’s house.  He was a close family friend.




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3 comments on “The world was a different place before Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  1. Sssiraj
    October 7, 2012

    We need to stop blaming one or the other if we are to unite one day, blaming Saudis today will not get us to our goal

  2. sara
    October 19, 2012

    The Saudis Wahabi/Salafi are 99% terrorist!! You can’t deny the fact I’m tired of NOT saying anything and holding back. THIS Needs to be exposed. I don’t care if they are rich and have power. The world needs to know they are the main source of terror and terrorism all AROUND the world.

  3. Raees Mustafa
    October 21, 2012

    Absolutely true, and Absolutely wrong, ask why? Because Imam Muhammed Baqir (as) said: There will be a time, where unity amongst Muslims in different sects will be visible, but over the boundary of the murder of my grandmother Fatima.
    So it’s happening, right? And if it’s not, it will sooner or later, as the Imam’s (as)’s saying is the best and the accurate.
    Nonetheless, yes, unity and peace should be amongst the muslims, but let’s not go too far, where even (as the Imam ~a.s~) the murder and the murderers of the Pious Lady Fatima are obscure to the true reality.
    AND YES! It’s been a utilisation of discouragement and validity in the fact that (a) These Salafis (well, criminal and stupid minded) kill the Shias all over the world, metaphorically, and physically, there are examples of them in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. (b) It’s been a seriously long time since a Shia of Ali, touched the path of prayers in leading either in Makkah, or Madina.
    O Allah, punish thy enemies, and thy friends’ enemies!

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