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Will custodians of Gaza speak on Shia Genocide?

The people of Gaza witnessed violence yet again for a week resulting in the death of over a 100. Gazans are lucky though as they enjoy the support of many. A Bahranian MP burns Israeli flag in parliament, Iran as usual came to rescue and issued usual anti-Israel statements and above all their Muslim brothers from the citadel of Islam raised the heaven over heads. For a week, all ‘Oh-I’m-Apolitical-And-Cool‘ club transformed into some sort of radical activists ready to take on Israel through e-Jihad. The people who would never post anything other than pictures of their burgers in Halal KFC or check-in to the biggest shopping mall of the city were posting pictures of dead in Gaza. And those self obsessed babes who care about nothing but their own selves and talk about nothing but what they buy and what they do were all over Gaza.

In the meanwhile, their brothers in Ummah were butchering Shia at home but nobody bothered to talk about it. I thought its difficult to multitask and they might talk about it at a later stage. Finally, to the disappointment of burger Jihadis and babes who wanted to crush Israel this time, the long awaited ceasefire came and Gazans were seen dragging bodies of alleged Israeli spies on the roads of Gaza for miles. The Jihadis at home continued their rampage on Shia and killed several per day, bombs were defused here and there but nobody was moved although Gaza was in peace now.

I fail to understand how can someone be so shameless to have this selective morality, that too enabled randomly on certain occasions?   They will speak about Gaza, they will speak about Syria, they will even sympathies with Aafia Siddiqi, Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists killed in drone attacks or armed Lal Masjid goons. What is common across all of these? They are all Salafi/Wahabi/Deobandi Muslims. Yes, they will only speak when Salafi/Wahabi/Deobandi Muslims are killed, specially when killed by non-Muslims or kuffar.

They will not speak about the Shia, the Ahmedis or for Bahrainis for that matter. The FSA (Free Syrian Army) they hold so dear is an umbrella union of Jihadi monsters from all over the world. Go to any Jihadi forum on the web, or why go far, just spend sometime on the web presence of Sipah Sahaba or Jamia Hafsa Urdu forum and you will see now just they actively support the FSA but have sent foot soldiers to Syria. Their motivation to fight Syrian state, as some liberals are fooled, is not to establish an independent democratic Syria where rights of all people will be equal. These are the values they abhor. Their motivation is to fight the kafir Alevi (read Shia) ruler of Syria. Once they take over Syria, the Shia and Chrisitian minority will be at the mercy of these barbarians. YouTube is stuffed with videos of Jihadis working with FSA spewing their anti-Shia hatred.

Here is an overview of the anti-Shia violence in Pakistan in the first few days of Muharram:

14 November 2012

  • Within 12 hours, another Shia killed in Orangi Town Karachi

18 November 2012

  • Bomb blast in Abbas Town Imam Bargah Karachi. Several wounded and 2 killed.
  • Extremists open fire in Khuzdar and kill 1 Shia
  • Several bombs found and diffused in Imam Masjid Lahore
21 November 201
  • Two bombs within minutes outside a Shiite mosque in the southern city of Karachi, killing three persons and wounding 15 other
  • Lahore TMO takes down over 3000 ‘Labaik Ya Hussain’ banners from the city.
22 November 2012
  • Bomb found and defused – bomb was planted in a ground near an Imambargah located in Pirabad area of Orangi Town Karachi.
  • Bomb disposal squad personnel have defused a remote-controlled bomb planted near an Imam Bargah in the Qasba Colony, Karachi.
  • The Bomb Disposal Squad, on receiving tip offs, defused two explosive devices on the main GT Road in Peshawar – this is route of Jaloos Azadari.
  • Police foiled a terrorist attempt and seized large quantities of explosives and detonators being transported in a pick up truck on Ring Road on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Threatening campaign through SMS launched against Shia sending m essages “Kill, Kill Shia”
  • In Lahore, police and secret agencies arrested two suspected militants from Anarkali Bazar neighbouhood in a joint-raid. They recovered two suicide vests along with explosives from their possession.
  • Five suspected militants were nabbed in Sargodha.

In the year 2012 alone, 500 Shia have been killed in Pakistan so far and we’re just in first ashraa of Muharram. The number of people killed in Gaza in 2012 is just over a 100.

According to B’tselem*, the total number of Palestinians killed by Isreal as part of this conflict since 1985 are nearly 8000. Compare that with the number of Shia killed since 1985 (the launch year of Takfiri Deobandi Sipah Sahaba) in Pakistan – that’s whooping 20,000.

Similarly, the number of Shia killed in Pakistan since 2007, only in the Parachinar region are nearly 6000. The number of Palestinians killed in this time are less than 2500.

According to estimates, several thousands Shia children have been killed by home grown Takfiri Deobandi Jihadis but the Ummah including Pakistanis can only see the children of Gaza.

Shia child killed in Azadari jaloos attack

Shia child killed in Azadari jaloos attack

Shia child killed in Pindi attack Muharram 2012

Shia child killed in Pindi attack Muharram 2012

Let me also remind these burger/babe e-Jihadis that its the Shia they abhor who take it to the streets every year on the last Friday of Ramzan to show solidarity with the Palestinians on global Al-Quds day. But, apparently the Ummah has a copyright on Palestine too. More than 80 Shia Hazara were killed in Quetta on Al-Quds day as they took to the streets in a massive rally in solidarity with Palestinians. This included several children and hundreds were wounded. Below is a picture showing aftermath of the attack, equally disturbing as pictures from Gaza, isn’t it?

80 Hazara Shia  killed showing solidarity with Palestinians on Al Quds day rally on 3 Sep 2009

80 Hazara Shia killed showing solidarity with Palestinians on Al Quds day rally on 3 Sep 2009

If this does not move you, please spare me for posting these graphic images but if that is what it takes, please have a look at the image below. This is one of the several images you can find on the web which shows dismembered bodies of Shia killed by Takfiri Deobandis. They killed several thousand Shia in the region. Parachinar is the real Gaza of Pakistan.

Dismembered bodies of Shia in Parachinar

Dismembered bodies of Shia in Parachinar

This young school-going child of Shia Hazara community of Quetta speaks at a gathering after the Mastung massacre where several Shia pilgrims were killed including his father. Why is his life any less important than the children of Gaza?
Let me also share the video of attack on a Azadari jaloos last year. Despite the bomb attack which killed several, the motivation and courage of the Shia was not daunted even for a minute. They were literally unmoved.
My dear Pakistanis, we’re fed up now. Your brothers in Ummah kill us, you remain silent. We speak about it and call it a Shia Genocide and you blame us of trying to be exclusivit and allusive. If you want us to believe in Sunni-Shia bhai bhai, if you want us to believe that those barbarians are not part of you and you condemn them, you have to show the same care for us that you do for Gazans or FSA, for that matter.
B’tselem is an organisation with stated objective to document and educate the Israeli public and policymakers about human rights violations in the Occupied Territories, combat the phenomenon of denial prevalent among the Israeli public, and help create a human rights culture in Israel. Its considered one of the most reliable sources on the data on Israel-Palestine conflict across the world including Palestine

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