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Egypt: Police bar Shias from Ashura ceremonies inside Hussein Mosque

Cross posting from Egypt Independent. It is sad to see a peoples revolution hijacked by the extremists bent upon forcing their will on others: 


Police stopped a number of Egyptian Shias from entering the Hussein mosque in Cairo Saturday afternoon, to celebrate the day of Ashura, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram said on its website.

A force from the Gamaliya Police Department was stationed on Friday in front of the main door of the mosque to inspect worshipers before prayers, and security forces prevented a number of Shias from entering and ordered them to perform afternoon prayers at other mosques nearby. Mosque management also closed the Imam Hussein shrine.

The move came after Walid Ismail, chairman of a Sunni Muslim group, filed a complaint with the police demanding they prevent any Shia rituals inside the mosque honoring the martyrdom of Hussein.

The Endowments Ministry said it supported the minister’s decision to prevent celebrations inside mosques, and Al-Azhar issued a statement warning against celebrations on Ashura. It added that the day was for fasting and worship, and it stressed Egypt’s Sunni identify and condemned what it described as “heretical” practices in celebrating Ashura.

Ashura is the day where Muslims mourns the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohamed who was killed in 680 AD in Karbala, Iraq, by the armies of the caliph Yazid. The day is particularly significant for Shia Muslims, who gather in large numbers and sometimes beat their chest as a sign of mourning in honor of Hussein. The Hussein Mosque is believed by many worshippers to contain Hussein’s head.

Sunnis recognize the first four caliphs as the Prophet Mohamed’s successors, while Shias believe that he named his son-in-law Ali as his true successor.  The dispute has continued up until today, and the ongoing Sunni-Shia split has fueled instability and strife in some countries in the region.


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One comment on “Egypt: Police bar Shias from Ashura ceremonies inside Hussein Mosque

  1. sssiraj
    December 2, 2012

    It is perhaps important to notice that there are important announcements made by our beloved Prophet Mohammad SAW and certain Sahabas are identified as guaranteed beneficiaries of Jannah Insha’Allah few of whom became Caliphs, if a certain group fails to accept them as Caliphs dispute is un-avoidable. At least the learned people should give credibility to Quran over other Ahadiths which state some people had ilm – e – ghaib when Quran says clearly on Allah swt knows what will happen tomorrow. Hope some people will see sense and recognise weak Ahadith. Wallah o Alum

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