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Did the Christians commit Jewish Genocide? No, it was Nazis. Are the Sunnis doing Shia Genocide? No, is it Takfiri Deobandi Militants? – by Ali Taj


Pakistani and International media often report Genocide of Shia as sectarian violence, where Sunnis are accused of Killing Shia and vice versa. Nothing could be further from the truth, sectarian means both sides are killing each other thereby implying the Shias are killing Sunnis and Sunnis are killing Shias. What a ridiculous and idiotic idea, most people would say. The data shows over 20,000 Shias killed, so where is the tit for tat? This is not what is happening in Pakistan.The overwhelming majority of Shia and Sunni coexist in peace, have a history of coexisting in peace and want to coexist in peace in the future.

The media in Pakistan keeps using terms like sectarian and Shia Sunni to misrepresent and obfuscate the Shia Genocide in order to protect the ISI proxies of Takfiri Deobandi Militants that comprise the cheap Zombie Army of suicidal jihadis. This is ace in the hole for ISI, this inexpensive war machine can be sent to any neighboring country to create problems. They can be used as bargaining chips. They can be subcontracted to other nations.

Let me be absolutely clear the Pakistan Army is completely secular. However their zombie proxies are not, to keep quenching their blood lust they keep killing Shias and persecuting other minorities. The Army is not only secular, it is also completely opportunistic. It’s mandate is it’s own survival and power only, it is not concerned about the ordinary people of Pakistan. So if a few shia’s die to keep their proxies like LEJ/SSP/ASWJ (the takfiri deobandi militants), the Army is quiet happy to look the other way and view this as collateral damage. The killing of shias in Pakistan is nutrition for the Zombie Army (LEJ/SSP/ASWJ, the takfiri deobandi militants).  ISI wants simply to use these proxies to wield power.  Shia killed  are simply collateral damage. A small cost to keep the chess board.

“ So…. 50 Shias died this Muharram, there are 50 million”  quote  by an intelligence officer.

Pakistani Shia Muslims should have NO hope from Army of ISI

The judiciary keeps freeing convicted and self confessed mass murders like Malik Ishaq who promise to kill more as the walk out of the court. Malik ishaq is the poster child but dozens have been freed by courts police or jail breaks orchestrated to help the Takiri Deobandi militants escape

Pakistani Shia Muslims should have NO hope from judiciary or civil establishment; they are mostly under the influence of ISI.

The Pakistani journalists are understandably concerned for their own safety with examples like Faisal Shazad and continue to peddle the ISI narrative of Sectarian violence. So Pakistani Media has the excuse of being an OPPRESED or under thereat media.

What about New York Times? Who are they beholden to and why are they spreading the same falsehood?

As a Shia Muslim it gives me great pain to see responsible newspapers like the New York times join the bandwagon of the compromised Pakistani Media.

the flag of a banned Sunni group fluttered from a shop with graffiti that read: “There is one treatment for Shiites — it is called jihad.”

Even so, Sunni bombers struck at least five times, killing at least 50 Shiites and wounding several hundred.

A great independent newspaper like the New York Times should be standing up for the oppressed and exposing their killers.

As a Shia Muslim Iam very hurt by comments which characterize the people  I grew up with and went to school with as murderers of Shias. A substantial part of my family happens to be Sunni, the majority of my friends are Sunni Muslims, the New York Times should not peddle the compromised Pakistani media narrative.

It is time for New York Times to call a spade a spade and Takfiri Deobandi Millitants as culprits of Shia Genocide .

Dear New York Times be part of the Solution we expect more from you:

A comment on Facebook on the New York Times article by Declan Walsh

It is good that the writer corrected the information. I have noticed many newspapers and even TV news broadcasts printing or making incorrect comments. It used to be it was the newspaper journalists who did their homework and got thick into the intricate problems and tangles, and they would untangle the mess for the rest of us, those Americans who cared little for anything across the sea. This is still a problem, as many Americans are ignorant of some differences between peoples, political groups and religions. It is a great obstacle to understanding when any of us say something to the effect “oh, they’re all the same”. It is a blatant disregard for other humans and their culture, not to mention sheer laziness that can encourage, unfortunately, future bigotry.

What few people know about the Hazaras is that they are an ethnic group centered in Afghanistan who are descended from the Mongols, who happen to be Shi’a. It would be educational and enlightening for many Americans to learn that discrimination against these Hazara is not only about religion but the fact that they have prominently high cheekbones, reminding others of their past as soldiers of Genghis Khan. An American can understand this kind of discrimination and racism well, as a form of apartheid did divide the USA and in some ways still does the legacy of African slavery. When a person understands a situation and can relate to it, that person may have a solution he can offer. But the NY Times made no such attempt to give as much information as possible to it’s readers.

We should all demand a higher standard for our newspaper journalists and writers. We have plunged into a period marked by literary mediocrity, and this needs to be fixed, so an enlightened person learning for the first time of an obscure and little known people like the Hazaras might be stimulated enough to do their own research and get involved with making our world a better place to live.

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3 comments on “Did the Christians commit Jewish Genocide? No, it was Nazis. Are the Sunnis doing Shia Genocide? No, is it Takfiri Deobandi Militants? – by Ali Taj

  1. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan
    December 9, 2012

    History repeat itself. These are those people who left Prophet Muhammad (PBUM) and followed Yazid and today is the same situation.

  2. sssiraj
    December 9, 2012

    There is a need to collect our selves and stop spreading hatred by identifying people with the associated risk of continuous cycle of violence. Wake up to the fact that it has not worked anywhere before.
    It is time we had a hard look at our own house. How much have we strayed from Islam’s basic tenets.
    When people call our beloved prophets close friends (all caliphs) and those who Allah swt recommended for Jannat ‘wrong doers’
    We can hardly be called lovers of our prophet Mohammad SAW. Brothers Wake up and hold debates in place of creating hatred

  3. Abdul Razzaq
    December 20, 2012

    I am a sunny & strongly condemn the Shia genocide.

    Our media protects terrorist outfits by not showing their real face.

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