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Therhi/Khaipur massacre, 49th anniversary of the first large scale sectarian attack in Pakistan

Khair put Theiri

On June 6, 1963, at least 116 Shia Muslims were massacred in the village of Thehri in the Khairpur district of Sindh province in Pakistan while taking part in the juloos of the Day of Ashura. Police stood by while radical Deobandis and Wahhabis massacred Shias. At midnight, to ensure that every one was dead, the Wahhabis of Thehri took empty water buckets and shouted the slogan of ‘Ya Hussain’ while walking in groups among the injured and dead, asking if anyone needs water. When someone would reply, the person was slaughtered ruthlessly. It must be noted that many of the people who slaughtered Momineen were the Hafiz-e-Quran students of Wahhabi madressas. Although almost all of the Momineen in Therhi were martyred, the oppression was not over. To hide their heinous crime, they collected all the dead bodies, put them in an empty well and planned to burn them using kerosene. However, the police arrived and took the dead bodies into custody.

This was the first major incident of Shia genocide in Pakistan. Justice was never done for the martyrs of Therhi and the anti-Shia terrorists and masterminds of the Therhi massacre were not given any punishment. In fact, the Government of Pakistan ordered major news outlets not to report the incident to avoid sectarian strife across the country. The incident was brushed under the proverbial rug, while hundreds of family members were left with no recourse for their indescribable grief. This lack of prosecution culminated in what we see today as the genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan with impunity, as now reported by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Even today, the Tragedy at Thehri is hardly talked about, let alone written about and discussed.

The video below is a tribute to the martyrs of Therhi, made on the anniversary of the incident this past year. It shows the tombstones and innocent faces of the young men who marched to their deaths, fearless, continuing their practice of Azadari in the face of imminent death:

The 50th anniversary of the Tragedy at Therhi is this coming June 6, 2013. Inshallah, we must plan events and rallies across the world to discuss and bring more light to this first act of grave injustice to innocent Shias in Pakistan, who were doing nothing more than practicing their faith. Please share this video and message.

Sources – Pictures and detailed summaries of the incident can be found at the following links:


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3 comments on “Therhi/Khaipur massacre, 49th anniversary of the first large scale sectarian attack in Pakistan

  1. Ijaz Urrahman
    December 26, 2012

    Careful reporting of such incidents is necessary to stabilise the community, present government has done a lot to generate peace and such articles are an obstruction in peace process. It is time to educate those minorities elements in Shia sector who do not wish to see peace in the community and continue to disrespect respected Sahabas and write articles about their wrong doings which hurts true Muslims as they are good friends of our Rasul SAW. Our prime minister is also himself a devout Shia who does not believe in calling any of our Prophet’s wrong and is doing his best to stabilise the environment. Please please stand by this prime minister and write positive articles for peace sake educate those minority Shia Muslims not to hurt others by saying bad things about Sahabas Wallaho Alam.

    • alitaj
      December 26, 2012

      World Shia Forum firmly believes in the respecting those that Muslims hold dear. We are part of the same family and need to respect each other.

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