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Saudi Oppression Against Subjugated Indigenous People Continues

While well funded radicalized Wahhabis and Al Queda are thrust in to destroying the peace in Syria, Saudi Arabia continues to oppress the substantial Shia population of the Eastern Province and the island Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Two people were reportedly shot dead and two more were wounded after police dispersed a Shia Muslim rally in Saudi Arabia. Hundreds of protesters took to the streets chanting anti-government slogans following the arrest of a popular Shia cleric.

Riot police cracked down on a demonstration in the eastern Saudi Arabia town of Qatif, populated mostly by Shia Muslim believers. The protests were sparked after police had earlier engaged in a shootout and a car chase with a popular Shia cleric who has been reportedly arrested with a gunshot wound. The protesters were allegedly calling for the fall of the ruling Saudi monarchy.

Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr and his followers exchanged fire with police and got into an accident with a police car, the official Saudi Press Agency reports Al-Nimr was shot in the thigh, the agency says, and was arrested on charges of instigating unrest in the Eastern Province famous for its oil reserves.

Sheikh Nimr’s brother insists the cleric was just returning from his farm in Qatif.

Protesters in Qatif (photo from Facebook)

Protesters in Qatif (photo from Facebook)

Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr is a prominent Saudi Shia religious leader. He is known as a fierce critic of the  Sunni government over its alleged discrimination against the two million Shia minority in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabian Shias are prevented from taking high-ranking posts in the governmetn and security forces.

The Sheikh is on the government black list for statements demanding more rights for the Shia community, the release of political prisoners and corruption-curbing measures.

“He had been wanted by the interior ministry for a couple of months because of his political views,” Sheikh Nimr’s brother told Al-Jazeera.

He also said that Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr was previously detained for several days in 2004 and 2006.

The protesters believe that persecution of their religious leader exposes Sunni plans to escalate the conflict.

The last demonstrations of a similar scale in Saudi Arabia occurred over half a year ago, when at least six protesters were shot dead. After those protests, in January 2012, police arrested 22 Shias, placing the responsibility for the unrest squarely at their feet.

The Shia opposition remains the only considerable obstacle in the domestic political life for the ruling Sunni Muslim dynasty in the world’s biggest oil exporter.

‘Far behind Syria’

Riyadh is far from the ideology it preaches, says Professor Ibrahim Alloush, a political analyst from the Zaytouneh University in Jordan.

“Saudi Arabia is not only supplying arms [to Syrian rebel forces], it’s also financing the Western-backed insurgency in Syria, and it has its long arm playing games in other places, including Lebanon and several countries in the Gulf as well,” he told RT.

The Saudi regime is extremely supportive of the West in general, Alloush continued, and is in fact a reliable conductor of the NATO policy in the Arab World.

“I think it’s really funny that they should speak about a so-called dictatorship in Syria when, you know, when we apply the same [criteria] to Saudi Arabia – [whether] it’s the elections or having different political parties, a free press, or you name it – we find that Saudi Arabia lags far behind Syria and many other countries in the region,” Professor Alloush concluded.

Watch RT’s full interview with Prof. Ibrahim Alloush

Shia rally in Qatif (photo from Facebook)
Shia rally in Qatif (photo from Facebook)
Shia protesters in Qatif (photo from Facebook)
Shia protesters in Qatif (photo from Facebook)
Aftermath of clashes in Qatif (photo from Facebook)
Aftermath of clashes in Qatif (photo from Facebook)
Protesters carrying portraits of Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr (photo from Facebook)
Protesters carrying portraits of Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr (photo from Facebook)

Hayhat mina zilla! Sheikh Nimr’s only crime is his call for liberty and equality

We applaud the courage of Shaikh Nimr Al Nimr , he gives hope to the oppressed. Never bow down to evil and oppression. He brings to life the message of Hussain (A.S.). Nimr’s arrest came 10 days after he had said he was confident that his arrest or killing would be a “motivation” for protests to reignite in the Eastern Province, during a speech at a mosque in Al-Awamiya.

Here are some excepts from his speech:

For the past hundred years, we have been subjected to oppression, injustice, fear and intimidation. From the moment you are born you are surrounded by fear, intimidation, persecution and abuse. We are born into an atmosphere of intimidation. We feared even the walls. Who among us is not familiar with the intimidation and injustice to which we have been subjected in this country?

I am 55 years , more than half a century. From the day I was born to this day, I have never felt safe or secure in this country. You are always being accused of something. You are always under threat. The head of state security service admitted this to me in person. He said to me when I was arrested ” All of you Shiites must be killed.” That is their logic.

They are still planning to carry out a massacre. They are more than welcome, we are here. Our blood is a small price to pay for our values. We do not fear death we long for martyrdom. A few months ago the flame of honor was sparked in the spirits of the youth. The torch of freedom was lit. The people took to the streets,demanding reform, honor and freedom. There are people who have been held in prisons unjustly for more than sixteen years. In addition the peninsula shield force and the Saudi army invaded Bahrain. Then there were more and more arrests. So who was it, who instigated the unrest?

The strife and unrest in Awwamyia was instigated by the regime, not the people. We will continue to defend both the veteran and the new prisoners. We will stand by them. We don’t mind being arrested for them. We don’t even mind shedding our blood for their sake. We will continue to express even stronger solidarity with Bahrain. It is our kin in Bahrain. Even if the Saudi Army and and the Peninsula Shield force had not intervened, it would still have been our duty to stand by the people of Bahrain, our kin, let alone when the Saudi Army takes part in the oppression, the killing, the violation of women’s honor and the plundering of money.

(The Saudi regime) says we are “acting at the behest of a foreign country.”  They use false pretext. By foreign country they mean, Iran of course. You can’t tell if it is Iran, Turkey, a European country, or the US, but they usually mean Iran. In December 1978 there was an intefada to defend the honor of Awwamiya, when the riot police attacked the town. This was December 10 1978 (Aashura Moharrum), before the Shah was deposed, before the Islamic Republic of Iran was even established. It was 1978 for months before the fall of the Shah. A group of people convened to perform the religious rite of Tazyeh of Imam Hussain a.s. It had nothing to do with political or security matters, but security forces arrived and attacked them, and a confrontation ensued. People were defending themselves, as well as their faith and their honor. That night they arrested a hundred people. This was December 10th 1978, prior to the fall of Iranian shah. So how can they talk of foreign interference.

We have no ties with Iran or any other country. We are connected to our values and we will defend them, even if your media continues with its distortions. Not by violence but by our determination, by our belief and our steadfastness, shall your power be defeated. We have the determination to resist your injustice and we will not surrender. The most you can do is to kill us, and we welcome martyrdom for the sake of Allah. Life does not end when one dies. Real life begins when one dies. Either we live on this land as free men or we die and be buried in it as pious men.

The last part of the speech is very much liked Patrick Henry GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. All Shaikh Nimr is asking the Saudi regime is a fundamental right as per the United Nations universal declaration of human rights .All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.  Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.  Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

The Saudi regime is determined to subjugate and oppress the Shia of Eastern Province and Bahrain. World Shia Forum condemns this brutality and calls upon the United Nations and the civilized nations of the world to bring pressure on Saudi regime and free the people of the Eastern province and Bahrain.

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Only is Saudi Arabia

Only in Saudi Arabia the ruling family of Al Saud has imposed their name on the whole country, which is something that we do not witness in any other place .

Only in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive a car, nor to travel alone.
Only in Saudi Arabia there no parliament and no elected cabinet and the king is the only ruler and the chief Commander of the army and he is the sole ruler and the absolute monarch.
Only in Saudi Arabia the royal family counts around 7ooo members and each one of them has a monthly salary that amounts to a quarter of a million dollars while a big portion of the population lives under the limit of poverty.
Only in Saudi Arabia 5 persons share the 1/5 of the revenues of the oil of the country .
Only in Saudi Arabia the arm deals are the biggest ever witnessed., .the latest one reached the amount of 60 billion dollars.
Only in Saudi Arabia the country is divided in districts each ruled by a member of the royal family in a despotic absolute manner .
Only in Saudi Arabia there is no freedom of expression , and all the media is owned by the royal family and speaks in their name and voices their opinion alone.
Only in Saudi Arabia, the wealth is owned by the royal family exclusively , and whoever wants a small share should kiss the hands of the princes and wait begging at their doors.
Only in Saudi Arabia , the people do not share in any form in the rule of the country , and do not have a say in any matter , and do not elect any representative not even those of the municipality.
Only in Saudi Arabia the corruption has reached unimaginable forms beyond any remission .
Only in Saudi Arabia the only way to operate a change in the rule is through death and death alone .
Only in Saudi Arabia all these things happen together and at the same time.
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  1. Raza
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    Regarding Saudi Arabia, I appreciate your statements and analysis hoping that it would increase in the knowledge of the readers and their understanding about Saudi Arabia. Saudi Monach has adopted such political system which is neither allowed by Islam and other religions and nor it is similar to any other political system in the entire world. I am sure one day they will have to pay them all off. Every thing has its limit and every rise has a fall.

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