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Don’t abuse them, just recite history – by Durreshahwar Jafri

  • Imam AliMaula Ali A.S said, ‘ Don’t abuse them, just recite history.’
    A Story of Some Burials
    When the demise of the Prophet P.B.UH occurred, Maula A.S invited the Muslims to come for his burial, as they were busy otherwise, hardly about 9 persons turned up. After waiting for sometime Maula A.S buried his dear cousin P.B.U.H …with those companions.
    When the Ummah got free of deciding about the person to rule, (which the Prophet P.B.U.H had already pointed out in his Khutba e Ghadeer when he said, “Mun Kuntu Muala fa haza Ali un Maula), for the most it was not clear enough, however after the division of power now they got back to the issue of burial. It was questioned as to why Ali A.S had buried him without a prolonged wait.
    One Companion went so far that he wanted to exhume the Holy Body to be buried again. At that point Ali A.S took his sword out of its sheath and went and sat down near the grave. He dared anyone to come near and touch the Holy grave. One companion reminded the others that the Prophet P.B.U.H had said ‘beware of Ali A.S when he would sit on a horse of mud with a naked sword in his hand.’ This reminder made that Companion desist from proceeding in desecrating the Holy grave.
    Anyway there was a general feeling spread about that the Muslims were busy in choosing the rulers, and however long that took the Prophet P.B.U.H should have been left unburied. By the way the Bani Hashim were not invited to that meet of deciding the ruler of the Muslims.
    The story of the second burial is that of Fatimah A.S Binte Mohammad P.B.U.H. Fatimah Sayyadah A.S was very annoyed with the Ummah on some points. This becomes clear from the three public sermons that she gave 1: The Long one: Given when she was summoned to the court, for a property that her father had presented to her in his life. She had already taken the income of that property in the Prophet’s P.B.U.H life time. The Middle Level sermon was given on her death bed when the Companions of the Prophet P.B.U.H came to apologize, she did not accept their apology. The ‘Short Sermon, ‘was given in front of her house. When she was about to leave this world, she told her husband Maula Ali A.S that he should bury her at night and very limited persons were to be told about her burial.
    When the Muslims came to know about her death and burial, they again started that if Ali A.S had told them about it, they could have attended the funeral of Prophet’s P.B.U.H daughter. Now on the other hand how could Ali A.S have ignored the last wish of the Prophet’s P.B.U.H daughter?
    The third burial came when Maula A.S was martyred by the poisoned sword of Ibne Muljim while Imam A.S was saying his morning prayers. The poison had been supplied by the Amir of Shaam. Maula Ali A.S could discern the conditions around him. He instructed Hasnain A.S to take out his body secretly in the dark of the night. No one was to be told about his burial place. We can see the wisdom of this decision by the fact that Amir e Sham tried to (Maz Allah) soil his name by making people say ‘Laanat,’ On Maula A.S in the mosques after the prayers. The practice continued till the ruler Omar Bin Abdul Aziz stopped it during his reign. Muslims again raised a hue and cry, ‘he was our Caliph, we should have been told about his burial, invited to it. One shudders to think what they would have done to the body of my Maula A.S. Karbala is an answer to that. The grave was discovered by the ruler Haroon ur Rasheed when he went to hunt in that area. He was pursuing a deer with his hunting dogs. The deer went on a mound; the dogs kept on barking but refused to pursue the deer on that mound. Mamoon tried to find the reason, finally he consulted the Infallible Imam A.S of that time and was told the reality of Maula’s grave. Then a tomb was erected and Momineen started coming for Ziarat
    Fourth burial of the Prophet’s P.B.U.H grandson Hasan A.S came as an answer to the points raised by the Ummah on the first three burials. Maula Hasan A.S died of the poison given to him by his wife Qatama on the behest of Amir e Sham. The body was prepared. Hussain A.S along with the other brothers prepared the coffin and as per Hasan’s A.S wish decided to bury him near his grand-father P.B.U.H. The coffin was being taken to be buried near the Prophet’s P.B.U.H grave. On the way a volley of arrows was thrown on the coffin by the Muslims as some of them did not want the dear grandson of the Prophet S.A.W to be buried near him. Arrows pierced into the body of Imam Hasan A.S. Imam Hussain A.S had to turn the coffin back. The arrows were taken out of the body and then Imam Hussain A.S buried his brother in Baqayia.
    Thus Hasan A.S by inviting the Muslims to his burial and deciding the place of his burial near his grandfather S.A.W gave a reply on the objections raised by the Muslims on the private burial of the first three Infallibles A.S.
    The final answer came with Karbala. The Prophet’s second Grandson Hussain A.S was openly killed by the Muslims. His body was trampled under the hooves of the horses, the wraps of the ladies of Prophet’s P.B.U.H were snatched they were made prisoners, along with the Great Grandson of the Prophet S.A.W Ali Bin Hussain who was fettered, shackled and a necklace of inverted thorns was put around his neck, the Ahl e Bait e Rasool were paraded as prisoners on the roads and courts of Kufah and Shaam, all practices forbidden in Islam. Finally they were made to languish in a prison of Shaam with no roof, which was called ‘Kharaba.’
    Thus this was the answer of the fifth Panjetan Hussain A.S to the Muslims on the objections raised by the Muslims on the first three burial of Infallibles A.S.

    Durreshahwar Jafri

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