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Rebellion against Mohammed – By Kazim Shah

KhawarijMay 4, 1799, was an ominous day for the Indian Muslims. A day of such gloom, that it served to condemn the believers of Islam in India, to the persecution and slavery of the British, for the next hundred and fifty years. A persecution so intense that it left its marks upon the destiny of Indian Muslims for all times to come.
On this day, Saranga Patm, the capital of Mysore in Southern India fell to the forces of British East India Company, after a prolonged siege. General Harris had ordered the charge of the English forces across the Kaviri River which was solemnly flowing at the edge of the monsoons. Yet the charge across the river in broad day light upon a well defended fortress could have proven suicidal. But the Sultan’s forces at that point were riddled with traitors at all levels. The heavy artillery fire from the fort singed the grounds all around except patches of enemy concentrations. Despite the wile advantages, the English casualties were in thousands. Tipp’s body was recovered from the heap of fallen men scattered all around. He was shot once in the stomach, once in the chest and in the temple at point blank range. His broken sword still firmly in his hand. Its grip engraved with the words, “Ya Murtaza Ali tui faryad ras mera”. The final words of this Staunch Shia monarch still reverberated in the minds of those who survived at the end of that day. A day’s life of a lion is better than the 100 years survival of a jackal. His death marked the end of a 40 years struggle against the English encroachment initiated by Tipp’s father Hyder Ali. The longest and the most formidable offensive ever to be mounted against the British imperialism in India, by none other but Tippu Sultan, a staunch Shia Muslim. After the fall of Tippu, the Marathas tried to take a stand against the English counting on their considerable strength. By 1803 however, their significantly huge armies were utterly routed and destroyed by the English. The route to Delhi was now hinder less.
In Islamic India, the role of those claiming allegiance to Ali A.S.has been tremendous and ground breaking. It were the Sufi’s and Saints bearing the banner of Imam Ali and Imam Hussein who enticed the infidels to turn their sensations to the call of Islam. It was the story of Karbala which attracted the multitudes to embrace Islam to lay claim to such names as Mohammad, Hussein and Ali. It was for the memories of Hussein A.S’s. recitation of the Quran from the tip of the spear which raised the reverence of Quran in the minds of raw proselytes to caste the Gita away.
Even the very existence of the glorious Mogul empire owed its revival to the help of the Persian Shia contingent of ten thousand which restored Himyun back to the throne of Delhi after routing the armies of the Suri dynasty. In the end it were the two Syed brothers who tried in vain to revive the dying body of the Mogul dynasty and became more commonly known as, “the king makers” . It was Syed Ahmed Shaeed Bralvi who arrived in Punjab with his comrades to confront the Sikh forces and was captured and killed in the most abysmal of conditions. It was also a Syed from the linage of Ali A.S. who initiated the first Moslem University at Ali Garh
to paralyze the ills of illiteracy inflicting the Indian Muslims and brought about by the Fatwa’s of the same creed of Mullahs whose edicts today serve to condemn Shias to Kufr and to death, annihilation and genocide. The early days of the twentieth century witnessed two shia brothers devoting their well being and live to the Kilafat movement. These were namely, Maulana shaukat Ali and Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar aided by Allama Iqbal more commonly known as the Hakim of the Umma. Iqbal was so deeply influenced by the shia Islam that he propounded the commentary to Allah’s Resolve contained in the Holy Scripture to replace the sacrifice of Ishmael with a supreme Sacrifice and set it aside to be consummated by those who would be the last to come. In a beautiful verse Iqbal identifies them to be none other but Hussein A.S., the son of Imam Ali. In the days to come it was Iqbal who envisioned the creation of Pakistan carved from the British India until the Pakistan resolution was proposed in 1940. Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, in its Chrysalis; was nurtured, groomed and nourished for three centuries for the most part, by poets whose love for the daughter of the prophet and her family stood out saliently and were all proud to be the Shias of Ali A.S.
The story of Pakistan however will stumble in the pitfalls of dark alleys and forbidding dead ends without the appearance of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan at the cross roads of promising freedom and abject servitude at the exit of the British from the Indian scene. Jinnah, a Shia to the back bone who confronted the British bias against the Muslims on one hand and the Hindu resolve for a united India on the other. A hundred and nineteen pounds man of Shia faith with a serious health issue defeated all odds including the opposition of Jamiat-a-Uluma-a-Hind and the radical Khaksar Tehrik to carve out a home-land for the Indian Muslims. It was another Shia devotee of Islam, Raja Mehmood-a-Badi who paid the salary of the Pakistan army since Pakistan had no funds to meet that critical obligation. It was yet another Shia, a prime minister of the country who set out to arm Pakistan with nuclear weapons to ensure its survival.
The tale of Shia endeavors for the very existence of Muslims in the Indian sub continent however has met a tragic end at the hands of the very Muslims they have served to raise and protect. The foreign powers ruthlessly working for the demise of Pakistan have since long realized that the Shias of Pakistan must be ousted from the scene of events. The conspiracy for the final sagging of Islam cannot materialize without the demise of Shias who in the final analysis will serve to hold the ground and lead others out of this gloom. It is being accomplished through most heinous of planning ever to be under taken by any hostile force confronting the Muslim Umma.
From the events which have surfaced and the first hand information as is available, it seems like the services of the Royal Saudi government has been retained to utilize the Whabi forces around the globe to bring about a chaos in the Islamic world. Whabi organizations are being
funded, trained and laced with propaganda and apathy to inflict the Shias all over the globe and particularly in Pakistan with death, destruction and disillusionment. The trail of gruesome death and dripping blood has stretched right from their door steps to all spots imaginable, most exclusively, places of worship and of refuge with Allah. Like a double edge sword, the purpose of this Shia genocide serves to annihilate the protection that comes to the Muslim Ummah through the prosperity of the Shias on one hand and creates a potential aversion in the hearts of the Shia faithful about the rest of the Muslim ummah on the other end. Why would a shia rise in the defense of those who have slaughtered their next of kin for just bearing the names borrowed from the Prophet’s family?
It is time for the Muslim ummah to wake up to the bitter reality that the destruction of Alaksa mosque is close a hands and subsequently the shrine of the Holy Prophet and finally the kabba-Ullah. As earnestly as the whabi Sponsors are occupied with removing the final protectors of the Islamic faith, the Shias of Imam Hussein, from the Scene of Islamic defense, the final days to the death, disgrace and misery for the entire Muslim world are also rapidly closing in. The eventual calamity will be that there will be no point of return until the dooms day when every soul will be called upon by Devine decree to face every little bit of the enormous it has committed.
In the exclusive Hadiths of the prophet about the rule of Dajal and his dispatching of the world of Islam to diabolic afflictions and horrors, he called to the attention of Muslim Ummah about two specific afflictions:
1. The Dajjal would not allow means of sustenance to those who would not submit to him as he were the God.
2. In the Islamic world, brothers will kill brothers.
These are indisputable hadiths. In Islam, only a Muslim is brother to another Muslim . Given the alarm raised by the Holy Prophet, how can any Mullah condemn a Shia with a Fatwa of Kufr unless the Muslim Ummah is prepared for will full rebellion against the Prophet of Allah.


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