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Step wise guide to using Twitter to stop #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan – By Syed Waqar Abbas


As many us will be using twitter for the first time, it will be childish for those who are already using but is much needed as a new user is normally blank on twitter.

Here are few snapshots and little description:

Step i) Go to and fill First Name, Email and Password and click “Sign Up for Twitter”

Step ii) You will be taken to this new page, if everything is Ok then click Create New Account

Step iii) You will be redirected to this new page and just click Next

Step iv)  Now you will see this new page

Leave this page or close it we don’t need to use it anymore. If you are with me, you are right so far. Go to your Gmail or whatever account you given for Singup, you will receive confirmation email and click on the link in the email to confirm.

Step v) If you click the confirmation link in previous step, you will see this page ash4/228388_192614520863347_1116493708_n.jpg

It means everything is Ok so far. Now we need to compose tweet, I have mentioned through arrow where to click to write a new tweet.

Step vi) You can write anything that you feel or want to say as protest for #ShiaGenocide for example:

Step vii)  After this step, we need to follow people so that we can see what they are tweeting. Write the username in the search box like here you can see:

Step viii) You will see the person’s profile now, Click Follow

Step ix) If you something like in this image then you have followed this person which means now you will be receiving tweets from this person, Click on Home button Now to go to your homepage.

Step x) Now on your homepage you can see what this person is tweeting and below every tweet there is option to retweet it click on it to Retweet:

Step xi) If you see this image if means you have retweeted rightly

Step xii) Now you can see on the left side there is label “Trends” and next to it is change, Click change and on the pop up dialog click Change

Now you will be able to see all the countries that are listed by twitter for Trends. Select Pakistan

Trends are the hashtags of words that are being mostly used at that particular time, our target is to make #ShiaGenocide trend. You can also click on different trends to see how it works. Please tweet as much as you can but remember to add #ShiaGenocide everytime, your tweet is your voice and it certainly matters!


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