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Thank you, General Beg, for revealing Pak establishment’s views on #TuQ and Shias – by Ghayyur Hussaini

aslamFormer Chief of Army Staff General Mirza Aslam Beg worte an article in daily “The Nation” (Name of the Game) published on 21st January 2013. This article gave his(establishment) opinion of the events that unfolded last week, especially long march of Tahir ul Qadri.

The article clearly shows the military establishment’s frustration on the outcome of Dr. Qadri’s Long March since it did not result in a military coup and it was great show of power by the silent majority, i.e., the Sunni Brelvi sect which does not embrace radical Deobandi-Wahhabi Taliban ideology. Moreover, like Shias, Sunni Brelvis too have zero rate of terrorist activity destroying the image of Islam and Pakistan like suicide bombings, attack on Sri Lankan team, Mehran, Kamra base attacks or even attacks on Pakistan Army.

Although General Beg is frustrated that Army could not take over, his article has dashed away speculations about Tahir ul Qadri of being establishment agent. These doubts were raised when Qadri praised army and judiciary and bashed parliamentarians. Instead, General Beg has hinted at Tahir ul Qadri being Zardari’s agent. These are his exacts words:

“Dr Qadri has been helped to create a new political power base of the left in Punjab, in support of the PPP, encouraging the religious right, to make similar demands for marches and jalsas in sensitive zones of Islamabad”.

See from above statement that despite being considered as religious leader by millions of Brelvis. Establishment considers Qadri as Left wing ally of PPP. The underlined words are more important and even dangerous if you are not a right wing establishment stooge. It clearly states that establishment wants religious right wing to have a similar march so that they can tighten their grip on Pakistani politics.

The next part of the article is rather interesting because it provides us with insight into pro-Deobandi pro-Wahbhabi mindset of Pakistan’s military establishment. I will analyze this sentence by sentence:

“The Shia community in Pakistan remains part of the majority”,

(As you know Shia Muslims are in numerical minority but the establishment considers Shias as vast part of majority. This majority must have a different definition, maybe the moderate Sunni majority (most of them Sunni Barelvis but also including moderate Deobandis and moderate Ahle Hadith) that does not consider Taliban, ASWJ, LeJ, LeT terrorists as Muslim Heroes, Taliban as holy fighters, suicide bombing as a reaction to drone, or establishment right wing as sane group of individuals)

“yet with the emergence of Qadri’s phenomenon, the Shia representation in his movement,”

{Since MWM did not officially join the “Qadri’s phenomenon”. (They had their concerns regarding the outcome as a military coup). I am guessing, establishment was pissed at Agha Murtaza Poya seen on screen in discussions with politicians that came to negotiate.}

“the killing of Hazaras in Quetta by foreign agents, which caused countrywide agitation.”

Although I agree with Aslam Beg that the killers of Shia Hazara are paid by a foreign country (Saudi Arabia) backed by the only political and military superpower on earth right now, but these foreign agents (read Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, currently operating as ASWJ) has been used formed, trained, used and saved by the military establishment several times. The Sipah Sahaba was created and nurtured by none other than Gen Beg’s boss, General Zia ul Haq. In recent years, Pakistan army has used LeJ-ASWJ terrorists as negotiator with terrorists who seized GHQ and their leader Malik Ishaq was flown from jail in a military helicopter to GHQ for having negotiations with GHQ attackers. Since, those negotiations were not televised, most people don’t know about it. General Sahib should have applauded the nation for finally coming out and showing agitation towards terrorists that destroyed 150 families in 10 minutes of January 10.

“Thus, there was a visible design to create a Shia power-base in the country, which our enemies have failed to create, despite years of Shia-Sunni riots, killings and direct foreign intervention, such as in Parachinar”

Interestingly, General Beg refers to an imaginary Shia power-base in Pakistan but doesn’t mention Sunni Barelvi even once in his article!

Now this statement shows the exact mentality of the establishment that also reveals why Shia are being treated the way they are being treated in Pakistan. Despite of raising green and white flags on 14 of August, paying taxes, arguing when outsider abuses Pakistan, shouting and crying when Pakistan wins or lose a cricket match, The establishment considers us as enemies, He says Tahir ul Qadri scenario is a design to create “Shia power base”. Now this is complete crap, since Shias did not get any benefit out of the Qadri-Govt deal. Aslam Beg sounds like that Sipah Sahaba guy on Twitter who would claim that his new born is due to Shia kafir’s action of kufr.

I want to comment on last sentence of above statement first “Direct foreign intervention such as Parachinaar” is an old excuse that establishment uses for their son’s biggest defeat at the hands of few educated youth who refused to surrender to Taliban, gave away thousands of life and not an inch of land was lost to Taliban. Yes, the Taliban that are supposed to be Godly, the Taliban that are undefeated, The Taliban that were suppose to save military when an enemy attacks, The Taliban who kill own military people out of ego and this is ignored by this establishment. When this Almighty force was defeated at cost of thousands of martyrdoms, Establishment claimed that Parachinaar Shias were helped by Iran army, Hezbollah of Lebanon and Karzai forces. Trust me, they still stick to this claim. Also notice he uses Shia-Sunni riots, which is ultimate objective but Shias and Sunnis both refuse to fall for these terrorist plans.

He also talks about our enemy wanting a shia power base, I need to know that enemy, I need to get help from enemy since I am fed up of seeing crying friends over their brother’s dead body. I am fed up of seeing life less mothers gazing in skies after murder of their son. I am fed up of seeing a helpless old father looking for help in lifting his son’s coffin. I need action against these terrorists. Pakistan needs to get rid of this terrorist-sponsoring establishment and its ideology of doom. I want Pakistan to prosper and develop like other developed countries. It is not possible without countering and eliminating terrorists and their sponsors.

Source:  LUBP


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