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اہل سنت میرے بھائی نہیں میرے نفس اور جان ہیں.آیت اللہ علی سیستانی

  • “Grand Shiite Cleric, Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani : There is no real difference between Sunnis and Shiites or Kurds and Christians, adding we are servants for all Iraqis.The Grand Ayatollah, Ali Al-Sistani, during a meeting with a delegation of Sunni clerics from the southern govern-orates and the Kurdistan region and a representative of the Sunni Endowment, on the sidelines of the first national conference of religious scholars Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq in the city of Najaf, issued Fatwa in sanctity of Iraqi blood in general and Sunni in particular calling on Shiites to ward off danger from the Sunnis in Iraq. He emphasized that spilling the blood of Iraqis in general, and Sunnis in particular, is forbidden.Ayatollah Sistani affirmed: Today the Shi’ite must defend the human and political rights of the minority Sunnis. The rights of the Sunni, who are being persecuted, needs to be protected by the Shi’ite and everyone else in Iraq – it is all of our responsibility.

    He added that our call is for unity, we do not differentiate between an Arab and Kurd, that Islam is the one who brings us together.”This is the real savior of Islam who in his country safeguards the rights of Sunni brothers and makes sure peace and collation among Muslims. The Shias and Sunnis of Pakistan have joined hands against Takfiris yet still there is the need of further strengthening the ties. United Muslims can crush terrorist ASWJ type Takfiri groups.شیعہ سنی ساتھ ہے

    تکفیری خالی ہاتھ ہے

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