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Shia International Press Release on Boston Incident


Shia International
Dr. A.W. Moosvi

Advisory Board:
Baquer Zaidi
Ali Al-Ahmed
Dr. Imtiaz Turabi

Executive Committee:
Wasim Naqvi
Adil Rizvi

Press Release: April 22, 2013

Shia International, a non-profit international advocacy group and think tank, based in Washington DC Metropolitan area, would like to extend its sincere condolences to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings. We would also like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the Boston Community in this time of healing so that we may all move forward from this horrific tragedy. We also appreciate the efforts of the law enforcement officials on their quick and efficient response in dealing with the suspects of the bombings.

We would like to emphasize that in dealing with these types of situations, we must all learn that the solution to avoid these types of horrendous acts is to address the root source of this hatred. I must first clarify that no religion, be it Islam, Christianity or Judaism, preaches nor condone, this type of violence, especially when it harms innocent civilians. Those that do harm in this manner are in no way representative of Islam’s true teachings. Therefore, those that use Islam’s name to justify these acts are NOT Muslim, but are enemies against the religion and against all humanity. In addressing the source, we must come to realize that a ruthless monarchy, like Saudi Arabia, must be held accountable, as they are the root of all of this hatred. They use the name of Islam to cloak their inadequacies and spread hatred to strengthen their monarchy and avoid democracy. We must not look at the individual acts, but at the foundations from which those acts are initiated. We must first identify the root of all hatred, then, and only then, can we address it as a Nation.

The ideology of the Saudi Monarchy – Wahabism, is like a virus behind untreatable ailments as terrorism. Therefore, not just the symptoms, but the causes of infections (Wahabism) must be dealt with accordingly. Unless and until, the rogue ideology of Ibn-e-Tamiya, polished, cherished and implemented by Ibn-e-Wahab as the foundation stone of the Saudi monarchy since its inception, is not eradicated, this virus will create terrorism pandemics all across the globe.
There are thousands of Saudi-funded Islamic schools in America. While we have been aware of this for years, Americans were ignorant about what was being taught in those schools to American children who are Muslim. The Saudi Ministry of Education has been creating a network of sleeper-cells right in the heart of America. Children are not born terrorists. Terrorists are created. The Saudis have been very busy doing just that — right here in America. What are we doing to stop Saudis spreading their ideology in our country and also in other countries like Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Arab countries?


3 comments on “Shia International Press Release on Boston Incident

  1. Bushra Naaz
    April 24, 2013

    This is not world shia forum this is creative focus group for creating disturbance between muslims. Thats y its HQ is located in WDC.

  2. dooper
    April 26, 2013

    You have some misunderstanding. Please read further. It is not to create disturbances among Muslims but to show who saudis are and what they are doing to avoid democracy in their country. We don’t consider followers of wahabism as Muslims. Wahabism started more than 700 years after the death of Last Prophet (PBUH). It was created to destroy the image of real Islam. wahabis are so far somewhat successful in creating bad image of Islam. But God don’t let killers and terrorists loose long. By the way, did you ever think why saudis look for help towards Western countries? Why have these saudis not show that they have full faith in God and that they don’t need any one’s help?

  3. Sajjad Syed
    April 27, 2013

    You are grossly misguided my lady, spare some of your time and read about Islam without putting on the glasses of hatred, I am sure you will learn to respect other beliefs, the gentleman has very rightly pointed out some undeniable facts about Whabism and it has distorted the image of real Islam taught by our Beloved Prophet (PBUH). Please open your eyes and mind.

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