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Brewing wider conflict in Middle East – by Nadeem Rizvi


We all know that there is no end in sight for Syria’s conflict. On one hand Bashar al Asad really has no choice but to stand firm till last with the undaunted help from his strong allies Russia, Iran & Hizbullah. On the other hand rebels from ultra conservative takfiri to so called moderate Salafis are digging deeper with all sort of military, financial, jehadi & prostitutional support from rich and poor wahabi states along with western countries specially USA.

Today US defense secretary declared that “ Syrian regime has used chemical weapons “. Which means USA got license to do what ever US wants with Bashar’s Syria and no one can stop America for taking aggressive actions regard less the authenticity of the reports.
According to Beirut based Al-Akhbar On Monday, April 22, Israeli army Chief of Staff Benny Gantz condemned the Russian stance on the Syrian regime, Iran, and Hezbollah. Speaking at the annual conference of the International Institute of National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv, he said the Russians were “involved up to their neck and higher” in protecting the axis led by Tehran and Assad’s regime. Gantz went on to say that the Israeli army was preparing for the possibility of a partitioned Syria, with areas he dubbed “Alawitestan” and “Afghaniskan” for the Alawis and jihadi Salafis respectively. Gantz stressed that the situation in Syria was extraordinarily dangerous, as it might suddenly deteriorate into a large-scale conflagration. He said that Israel must prepare for the coming battles and seek to settle them quickly.On the issue of Chemical weapons Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said this was an attempt to politicize the issue, and likened it to the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq more than a decade ago.
President Barack Obama said the U.S. and Qatar will continue to work on more support for the Syrian opposition in the coming months.His remarks come after Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that the U.S. will double its nonlethal assistance to the opposition. That’s an additional $123 million in supplies that could include armored vehicles, body and night vision goggles.
Qatar unabashedly underwrites the arming and training of al Qaeda and other Islamist elements in the hope of establishing a shari’ah state in Syria.Qatar is the host of the world’s only Taliban overseas political office. This office facilitates diplomatic initiatives being made by the jihadis we previously routed from Afghanistan to be restored to power there. Qatar recently pledged $400 millions to Hamas in Gaza. Now this pledge comes with frills attached. It means Hamas has to abandon Iran and be part of Wahabi mega alliance under way.
After US & Qatar summit Obama said “We had an opportunity to discuss the situation with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and we both agree that peace is in the interest of everyone — a secure Israel side-by-side with a sovereign Palestinian state. And we exchanged ideas about how we can advance those negotiations, and I’ve shared the importance of providing support to President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority so that they can be in position to have fruitful negotiations with the Israelis that can bring about, in a timely fashion, a two-state solution”
According to Israeli military they shot down Hizbullah drone today. Who knows it is just a publicity stunt or Hizbullah really looking for future Israeli targets. 
In a recent development in Iraq wahabi militia took over a Sunni town in Northern Iraq along with renewed bombings in Iraq costing hundred of lives.
After reviewing all these news and information it’s not hard to put together whole Middle East puzzle.
Brewing war in Middle East will not bring any victory to any side, instead there will be more chaos, terrorism and destruction. Saudia and Qatar may not care about the destruction already happening in Syria but the fire they are building there will eventually burn them too. Salafis and Takfiris encouraged with recent gains will not stay in Syrian territory. They will definitely flex their muscles to gain strength in all Arab lands with definite eye on ultimate prize which is liberation of Jerusalem and Palestine. USA, still has not recovered from the economic turmoil, two wasteful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and politically polarized country, may in fact would invite further acts of terrorism and hatred from around the Muslim world. 
The biggest looser will be Israel. Presently Israel has to deal with disciplined Hizbollah who does not believe in acts of terrorism and never committed any such act on civilians except during war. Iran may be threat to Israel but again a democracy with no track record of aggression, still a better choice than having borders filled with armies of lunatics and rabid salafis, who have no limits and restrains.
Iran will suffer too but already in use of religious fervor among Shiites for Iran around the world and with in Iran is an asset not in hands of Iran’s foes. No doubt Wahabi Arab alliance with the help of US will make Shiites life miserable in Muslim countries but if Iranian regime decides to invoke religious eschatology of Mahdiism than every devout Shia any where in the world will be more dangerous than any expectations.


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