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Cannibalism versus civilization: The responsibility of the West – by Mahpara Qalandar

hazrat_hamza_r_a_by_ypakiabbas-d4bm0fgThe man eating the heart of a dead (killed) Syrian soldier is a Wahabi operative recruited by the Al-Qaeda to destroy every single secular Syrian: Sunnis, Shias, Christians, and others. Financed and armed by the Wahabi monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and facilitated by Turkey and its NATO allies, the Al-Qaeda belies the Hegelian-dialectical claim made by educated people and taught all over the world that humans during their march towards civilization got rid of horrifying insanities such as incest and cannibalism. The anthropology departments all around the world have been telling us that cannibalism is now a matter of the past and a matter of documentation of the stages humans have been going through.

But this is not the case. The Wahabi-Al-Qaeda mindset belies all claims made by anthropologists and ethnographers. Abu Sakkar, the man  who ripped open the dead Syrian soldier’s chest and ate his heart, is the leader of the Omar al-Farouq Brigade, which is a part of the Al-Qaeda fighting against the legitimate Syrian government. The West misled by the Saudi-Wahabi money and propaganda is fast hurling itself into a situation where it will ultimately face the likes of Abu Sakkar. The extent of the Wahabi-Al-Qaeda hatred of the liberal and secular Muslims is evidenced by the cannibalistic act of Abu Sakkar. But the Western governments must realize that the Wahabi-Al-Qaeda’s hatred of the Christians and the Jews far exceeds their hatred of the liberal Muslims. Just listen to what Osama bin Laden used to say about the Christians and the Jews, and you will know what is in store for them should these monsters succeed in Syria.

If there is thinking in the West that it can contain the Wahabi-inspired Islamofascism within the Muslim world, it is a very, very faulty line of thought. The Wahabi cannibal-terrorists are great inspiration to those Muslims in the West who go to Saudi-financed mosques and get brainwashed by the Wahabi imams there. Her is the religious basis for there evil actions:

In the past, the secular Muslims like the Shias have faced worse circumstances. They have survived. They will survive again. But the Western governments should seriously think about the scenario once the Wahabis now living ‘peacefully’ London, Paris, Toronto, and New York become active. According to Wahabi beliefs, the world must be converted to Islam or destroyed. It is high time that the civilized world confronts Islamofascism financed and promoted by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

We are lucky that we were able to get hold of one cannibalistic video to understand what the civilized world is up against. Imagine how many cannibals fighting in Syria and Afghanistan have not been videotaped. Imagine how many Wahabi vampires are sleeping in Western cities waiting for the night in which Wahabism plans to wrap them!



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One comment on “Cannibalism versus civilization: The responsibility of the West – by Mahpara Qalandar

  1. Mir Masood
    May 17, 2013

    If one thing is blatantly evident in the article .. it is your naked hatred and lack of balance in your arguments. My apologies if my comments disappoint you.

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