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Comparison of language: leading Salafi polemicist Taha al Dulaimi and Shia Marja Ayatullah Sistani

talha Dhalmani

Editors Note: We are posting excerpts of two articles. From the two messages, one of hate and venom and the other of peace and love, it is possible to to see why Shia are equally slaughtered in Pakistan and Iraq. Whether they are in minority in Pakistan or majority in Iraq, the Shia clergy has always espoused love and peace. The Salfis, and their Arab oil kingdoms, feel threatened by the message of love peace and justice that the Shia propagate. The Shia Marjae have always wanted peace and rational discourse. The Salfi and their Kings have no rational discourse do they respond with threats and mass murder.

A most illustrative example can be found in Iraq’s most well known anti-Shiite Salafi polemicist, Taha al Dulaimi, a man whose vitriol is such that he recently advocated the formation of a Sunni region in Anbar on the upper Euphrates — as it is, “free from Shiite filth,” — and contemplated this proposed region’s ability to cut the Euphrates’ water flow in order to, “kill the [Shiite] south.” Dulaimi’s endeavors almost exclusively revolve around anti-Shiism; however, prior to 2003, and in line with Iraqi and, to many extents, regional trends, his pre-war public preaching framed the issue in terms of ethnicity with anti-Iranianism thinly cloaking doctrinal hatred. In essence, his undoubtedly genuine anti-Iranianism provided a vehicle through which to express sectarian Salafi beliefs by wedding Arab-nationalist chauvinism to sectarian bigotry without crossing the censor’s red lines.

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SISTANI-208x300“There is no real difference between Shiite and Sunni beliefs, and I am the servant of all Iraqis [either Sunni or Shiite],” he emphasizes. “I love everyone, and this religion [Islam] is the religion of love,” he adds. He expresses his surprise that how the enemy could have succeeded to divide Islamic sects.

Sistani’s message, also sent to first Conference of Sunni and Shiite Scholars, asserts that “ this kind of conferences are highly important, since they help Shiites and Sunnis find out that there is no real difference between their beliefs, and the difference simply is on legal (Fiqh) issues.”

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