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Urgent Appeal from Malaysian Shias

Urgent Appeal from Malaysian Shias! Dear Brothers and sisters, the Malaysian government has arrested Four Shia Muslims on Monday, following another two arrested earlier. To be a Shia Muslim is a crime for Malays (who mostly are Shafi’ites) based on the Malaysian sharia law. Please spread the word, include us in your tawassuls, write in protest to the Malaysian government and do whatever you can to stop this crackdown on Shia Muslims in Malaysia.

8 comments on “Urgent Appeal from Malaysian Shias

  1. Hussain
    September 12, 2013

    What is this in the century of Religious Freedom, Research, Interfaith Dialogue and Access to information. Sham on Malaysian Government

  2. Syed Didar Abbas Rizvi
    September 13, 2013

    Why Malaysian government is fearing the Shia sect of Islam, if they are follower of true Islam they should not be afraid of Shia teaching of Islam. Malaysian government’s action reminds me of Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab and other Kuffars of Quresh who were afraid of Islam, they were punishing converted Muslims in the early days of Islam the same way as Malaysian government is doing these days. Try to spread true teachings of Islam by logic and history, stop following Kings religions.

  3. suegee cheng
    September 26, 2013

    Malaysian government is spreading hate, divide and conquer and they are taking this opportunity to continue with the hate-

  4. Ibmx
    October 11, 2013

    No country in the world should allow a religion which is based upon cursing other religions. Shiaism is all about cursing respected personalities of Islam. Personalities which are loved by billions of Muslimeen all around the world. Good job Malaysian government. I wish all govts do the same. By the way shiaism is pagan religion. They are far worst than pagan Arabs of quresh. Visit rafiditerminator channel on YouTube and see what Shia scholars preach.

    • Syed Didar Abbas Rizvi
      November 11, 2013

      Cursing is part of Islamic teaching, first of all if U R Muslim U have to deny the existance of all false Gods. U curse Shaitan before reciting the Holy Quran.
      Have ever consider the Al-Fatheha Where Quran saye ” Let us stay on the path of those who were rightious one. not on the path of those who were on wrong path. Ayat 6 & 7.
      O Muslims why do you follow those who were on wrong path. Read Khilafat O Mulokiat By Maulana Moudoodi Founder of Jamat-e-Islami in Pakistan.Shias don,t curse any faithfull Sahabees. we only stay away from “Munafiqs”. It is not our fault if Muslims consider Munafiqs as Sahabees. There should be a clear cut line between Munafiqs and Sahabees. It is the duty of every Muslim to dig into the history and analyse the characters of all thiose who were early muslims. I have found one character in early Islam a very well known person who murdered a Sahabee because his wife was beautiful and immediately married the lady without having her idda. I wonder when I see many mosques have been named after that Murderer. Why don’t Muslims read the true history in SIHA-E-SITTA. AND THAN DECIDE who is Sahabee and who does not hold the status of Sahabee.

  5. Ataka
    October 23, 2013

    Hi Shias in Malaysia. Do not let the Israelis and the Westerners, make use of you.
    Do you want to see the future of your children and Malaysia, to suffer, as those that are now suffering in Pakstan, India, and the Middle East., because Islam has been divided by the British and Israelis

    Please, we are Sunnis here. Let us stay as one, for the future of our children and our country

  6. truewayriders
    November 12, 2013

    YAA GHAIBATEKUBRA WALI-UL- ASR A.S salaam to all momineen plz promote my blog this is knowledge based blog topic is ahle bait a.s and others so join it thanx

  7. shafi
    December 12, 2014

    we are ashamed of govt’s act against shia Muslims. Govt is trying to divide ummah by doing these type of acts. If any govt try to stop searching of true path, it will become more visible and more powerful. inshallah. You should know that Mayay should be shia because your country name is Malay shia.

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