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Part 1 : A Question Of Honour – by Durre-Shahwar Jafri


I have often read and heard people telling the stories of honour. It seems that the entire question of honour boils down to the so called tribal and feudal style protection of ones womenfolk.

I have also read as well heard the stories of Muslim men who saw their women folk being killed by their elders, at the time of partition of the sub-continent. They acted in this gory manner because they did not want them to face any dishonour at the hands of the rioting enemy. I was amazed by those stories as they were about men who proclaimed to follow the religion which propagates human values, as the first and foremost thing in life. It is a religion where supplication or duty towards Allah is as important as duties towards human beings, thus respect of human values constitutes half the religion.

Life is a precious gift of Almighty. Every human be it a man or woman must cherish this Divine gift. No one has a right to take even one’s own life. Killing the women, of one’s family, in fear that they might fall into the enemy hands, and be violated at their hands; seems to be sheer megalomania. If we bother a bit we shall find some very apt examples not anywhere else but in the life of Prophet’s S.A.W direct family.

After the death of Lady Khadijah A.S and Abu Talib A.S, Prophet S.A.W was feeling very vulnerable in Makkah. The conspiracies and atrocities of the infidels of Makkah were at their peak. They had been emboldened by the demise of the leader of Bani Hashim and protector of Prophet S.A.W, Abu Talib A.S. Madinah was becoming a safe haven for Muslims. The Muslims of Madinah were inviting the Prophet S.A.W.

The day came when Mohammad S.A.W was directed by Allah to proceed to Madinah. That night a conspiracy was being hatched to martyr the Holy Prophet S.A.W. Allah asked him to migrate. Prophet S.A.W told his cousin Ali A.S to sleep in his bed. The valiant young man did not hesitate for a moment in obeying the orders of his Prophet P.B.U.H, guardian, teacher and mentor.

By the will of Allah, Prophet S.A.W left the city of Makkah, amidst the swords of the infidels. He left Ali A.S sleeping on his bed. What else did he leave? He left his daughter Bibi Fatima Zahra A.S, his   cousin Fatima and his aunt Fatima Binte Asad A.S who had brought him up and whom he called, ‘mother’ and his paternal aunt Fatimah Binte AbdulMuttalib A.S. In common language he left his honour, the women of his household in the custody of a twenty two years old young man, in a hostile city; amidst the drawn swords of enemies.

The Prophet S.A.W had been told by Allah that he should migrate from Makkah. He had a great purpose in front of him, which was to save the young sapling of Islam. He did not hesitate in going ahead. Never for a moment did it occur to him that he should God forbid do away with the women of his household. Whose honour can be greater than that of the Lady who has been called ‘Leader of The Women of Paradise’? Her great father however, respected her as an individual and never considered her as his property. Thus amidst great danger he left his women folk. He went ahead in the cause of Allah, fulfilling that which was the cause of his life. The ladies reached Madinah later on in the custody of Ali Bin Abutalib A.S


One comment on “Part 1 : A Question Of Honour – by Durre-Shahwar Jafri

  1. aoa.. at that time the one person whose commitment and courage that our holy prophet could depend upon, under Revelation, was imam hazrat ali (k a w).
    Apathy of the Muslims in Pakistan about sectarianism is glaring .. it seems everyone thinks someone else will bell the fat cats and that axe always falls on someone else which is not true but is patently false and hypocritical.

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