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Fabricated tradition: fasting on the 10th of Muharrum

It’s ridiculous how ignorance has taken hold of our lives.

Jews celebrate Passover on the 15th of Nisan, the first month of Hebrew calendar. It falls in March/April every year as the Hebrew calendar is luniosolar.

The day before Passover, firstborn sons fast to celebrate the liberation of Israelites from slavery.

The suggestion that 10 Moharram coincides with the date of fast of the firstborn is preposterous.

The kind souls who fast on 9/10/11 of Moharram should try to check the strength of the fabricated tradition that the Prophet commanded Muslims to fast on Ashoora. This is a decisive innovation. Fast, if you must, but please do not insult your own intelligence and that of others by relying on that preposterous fabricated tradition.

Let me help those who insist on the strength of this tradition. 10 Nisan could have coincided with 10 Moharram 11 Hijri in the Hebrew year 4392. Modern date converters indicate it to be 13 Moharram. However, how does that coincidence make 10 Moharram fall on 10 Nissan in the Hebrew year circa 2300.

To check the veracity of this tradition, please look for the strength of this tradition. You may want to ask your mums and dads whether they had heard of this 50 years ago.

Do everyone a favor. Start with God’s command – read. And follow it up with His direction – think!

This is rooted in ill intent. It’s divisive and unhelpful. Don’t follow this religiosity unthinkingly. You owe this you your children.


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