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Shia Genocide Through Tabarra – by Kazim Shah

The spate of unthinkable folly continues to pour down from the “Mimbers” of the Imambarghas in support of Shiaciding conspiracies promoted under the guise of “Tabarra”. Those who aspire to contain this vicious vilification of the first three Khalifs of the Muslims and the Prophet’s wife in the best interests of millions of hapless Shias around the globe are being condemned as Kafirs and of impure genetic linage. The ranting is conducted with utter disregard to Aqai Kamenai and Aqai Sustani whose Fatwas have forbidden such heinous forms of Tabarra, thus casting a pall upon their genetic lineage too.

Let me today, dare to identify those who supersede kafirs in their kufr and whose very existence mocks the concept of respectable genitic linage.

A new theory has been propounded hinging on the Word “Lanat”, in the Quran, meaning “Damned. This word in the Holy Quran inflicts those who are guilty of various transgressions. These scholars however, have concluded that any one who considers “Lanat” to be a degrading word is rendered a Kafir.

AlHamdoLilLah. How freely they condemn dissidents to Kufr and to hell without even affording the slightest opportunity to answer these maniac interpretations of their own shadowy whims. If these truly are shadowy whims, so to speak, given the ferocity thrown in by these dubious touts of spiritualism.

May I dare to ask you who you are trying to please? Who are you trying to appease? For the most part you have substituted Imam Ali to replace Allah’s realm. Whom of these two is taking gratification at the genocide of the Shias carried out by forces of Wahabism on the pretext of these Tabbaras against the Sahabas of the Prophet of Allah and his wives?

I have no contention with the word Lanat as appropriated in various pages of the Holy Quran. No Muslim from any school of thought has any qualms about its useage either. Even 90% of the believers from other faiths will not take offense from this word echoing from the Verses of the Quran. Yet the humanity in general and I my-self has serious issues in the manner you have authorized the abuse of the word “Lanat”. It reeks of hypo racy and intrigue when during your sermons which are simultaneously casted over the inter net, your inspirational zombies adorn the vilification of the cherished ones of all other Islamic schools of thought. with this magic word of “Lanat”, and transport this malicious ritual via internet to those corners of the globe where trigger happy Wahabis and alien agents of death await this signal. Once these mindless, self proclaimed lovers of Ahel Baite have accomplished this fiat, they pour down to the dinner area and devour plates of delicious meat and Buryani, pack some to feast on later and retire to their places of comfort. On the other end of the world death and destruction begin to descend upon those Shia faithful whose lean bodies barely sustain the weight of their indigence. Blood; churned flesh and the sight of mutilated dead bodies seal the lot of their orphans for all times to come. Where do they wonder away? Who will abuse the more fortunate ones and who would be molesting the ill fated among them. How many Shia widows will fall victims to the inclinations of evil men at multiple levels of a life not livable.

In the name of Allah, in the name of Imam Ali, for the Sanctity of the Princes of Paradise. For the sacrosanct blood of Imam Hussain and of those who fell at Karbala, I beg you to rescind this regimen at the Musjid. Stop these gory rituals. You should not perform these in the Masjid. Contrary to your claim, Masjid is not your home. It is no ones home. This is solely the House Of Allah as declared by the Holy Quran.

In Bahrein the genocidal killing of Shias was preceded by Tabarras performed by hundreds of unsuspecting pilgrims who had received free air tickets and pocket money apparently from foreign agents to provoke the Wahabis through relentless “Lanats” into a full scale murder rampage against the Shia masses. The provocation was of such caliber that those beasts even resolved into killing doctors who tended the wounded in their death throes.
To day the fate of Syria hangs in a balance after a 150,000 dead and the irony is that the Syrian Alavi’s fairly and squarely lay the blame upon the unyielding Tabbars howled out by such conceded rable rousing Shias arriving from the slums of Pakistan. Of course this endless trail of Shia misery aggravated By this keen brand of Tabbaras and Lanat would be incomplete without the mention of Pakistan. Like suicide bombings, target killings, drive by shootings, kidnappings, be headings decapitations ………..were not enough.
The vengeful Wahabi beasts have resorted into vilifying the very Imam who is the Syed of Shohadas. Is it the revenge for the explicit Tabbara shouted out in Palistan? The answer is a positive NO. No one dares to do this senseless ritual in there at this time The entire sewage of such Pernicious Tabarra is flowing from the conspiratorial gutters of Great Britian via the Internet and from recordings advanced through agents sitting in these Majalis

Let the common sense prevail. The best Tabarra in my humble opinion , would be a slogan of “Lanat” upon all enemies of Mohammad e Mustafa. This will cover every one since Ahlel Baeit are the body and spirit of Mohammad(may he be Blessed). The Sunni masses will definitely embrace it in an instant. Let them come closer and sit in, in our Majalis. Let them hear our Sermons and go through our research. In two decades there shall be Shias every where.

As for this spiteful brand of Tabbara , sometimes a direct and at times a by product of our age of deception and intrigue, “Do Not Respond”. Bury it under the shouts of Auzo BeAllah Hae Minish Sheta Nirajeem.

Become a guardian
Of Shias of The Imam, the world over.

I am summing this up for you, by putting my self at risk in many ways. Please do not let it go to waste.


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