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MALAYSIA: Did you know? – by Ale Natiq


– Malaysia banned practice and propagation of Shia religion in 2013.

– Malaysia state regularly raids makeshift Imambargahs and Shia mosques, arrests Shia men and women and confiscates books and infrastructure.

– Only Sunni Islam can be propagated in Malaysia.

– You can not keep Shia books even for personal reading, let alone distribute them. A Muslim convicted of possessing non-Sunni religious materials faces a punishment of up to two years imprisonment and a $1,000 fine

– Christians can not use the word Allah in Malaysia. Muslims won a copyright award over Allah by the ruling of country’s judiciary.

– Shia Muslims had to to go on trial in Malaysia in a religious court over allegations that they possessed books that violate an edict that only the Sunni branch of Islam can be promoted in Malaysia.

– Malaysia has two parallel legal tracks: traditional common law, applying to everyone, and Shariah law, Islamic codes on religious observance and family matters that apply only to Muslims (which has resulted in persecution of Shia, coming soon to your town in Pokeistan)

– Malaysia Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, at a news conference on Dec. 6 2013, acknowledged authorizing actions against Shia followers, including banning their books and not registering their groups because it “will disunite the Muslims.”

– The Malaysian minister in charge of Islam in the prime minister’s department, Jamil Khir Baharom, told parliament in late September 2013 that 16 people had been arrested this year in an unspecified time period for propagating the teachings of the Shia denomination, while 120 anti-Shia raids had been carried out.

– In Malaysia, a Muslim woman is being prosecuted over complaints she insulted other Muslims by washing a dog’s feet in a video posted on YouTube.


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