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Over 100 people arrested in latest crackdown on Shia Muslims – Agha Shaukat Jafri


SHIA-PAC, a U.S. based Lobby group has launched an awareness and advocacy campaign with respect to anti-defamation and discrimination activities against Shia Muslims, being perpetrated both in Malaysia and Indonesia, by their respective governments as well as the Salafi foundations well entrenched in those two states. Malaysia, in particular is guilty of spearheading a systematic sojourn of hatred and bigotry against Shia Muslim minority. Also, Malaysia has forbidden Non-Muslim minorities from using the word “ALLAH” in their daily lexicon. The U.N., U.S & E.U governments, Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) as well as International human rights bodies are being kept apprised about the evil endeavors of these malicious Malaysians..
U.S President Barack Obama plans to visit Malaysia some time during April of this year, and efforts are underway to keep the White house staff abreast of all such dangerous developments taking place now frequently, in Malaysia . Global Muslim Ummah as well as people of other faiths who are citizens of Malaysia are requested to ensure that all acts of defamation against Shia Muslims and other minorities are reported to the SHIA-PAC in a timely manner.
Islamic authorities on Saturday arrested 114 people believed to be Shia Muslims in Perak, in the latest crackdown against followers of the second largest Islamic school of thought.

The arrest took place while they were attending a celebration to commemorare the birth of Siti Zainab, daughter of Islam’s fourth caliph Ali, according to reports. Women and children were also among those arrested.

Shia Muslims consider Ali to be the rightful heir to the Muslim leadership following the death of Prophet Muhammad.

The latest operation, carried out by Perak Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jaip) and the police, saw detainees taken to Selama police headquarters before being released a few hours later.
News portal Malaysiakini reported that police, in confirming the arrests, said they were only assisting Jaip. It said Mohd Kamilzuhairi Abd Aziz, leader of the Malaysian Shiite Association, and its secretary Mohd Nasir Sahari, were among those nabbed “Everyone have been asked to present themselves at Jaip at different dates. For me, it’s March 24,” said Nasir, adding that they were detained under the Syariah Criminal Procedure (Perak) Enactment 2004.
Shia Muslims have been targeted in a campaign spearheaded by the government’s religious officers as well as Umno leaders, with state television channels and mosques preaching to Malaysia’s mainly Sunni Muslims on the danger of Shiism At Umno’s general assembly last year, senior leaders urged stern action against Shia followers, in what observers said was an attempt to link Shia Islam with PAS, and even suggested that only Sunni Islam be recognised in the constitution.Over 100 people arrested in latest crackdown on Shia Muslims

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