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On the 7th of May 2004, Haidery Mosque in Karachi was Bombed by Takfiri Deobandi Khawarijs



On the 7th of May 2004, people gathered to pray Zuhr at Karachi’s Haideri Mosque. The mosque was built in 1894 and located inside Sindh Madarsatul Islam.

It was around 01:15pm when the worshippers raised their hands in prayer and a powerful bomb rocked the mosque. The bomb went off near the central pillar of the mosque thus causing maximum damage. The sound of the bomb blast was heard throughout the neighborhood, except, apparently, in the Police stations as the police failed to show up until several hours later. 12 people were martyred on the scene while over 200 were injured. 7 of the injured embraced martyrdom at hospitals within the next week.

The mosque was almost completely destroyed and what remained of it was red with pieces of flesh and blood.

The first people to arrive at the scene were our Ahle Sunnat brothers from a neighboring Ahle Sunnat mosque. They helped load the injured and martyred into the ambulances and ensured they received appropriate treatment at the hospital. Shias and Sunnis, alike, queued up outside blood banks to donate blood for the injured.

Names of the martyrs:
1. Martyr Khawaja Kumail Sercretary of Allama Talib Johri
2. Martyr Fazal Abbas Lakhani S/O Habib Bhai
3. Martyr Mirza Arif Hussain S/O Abid Hussain
4. Martyr Hafiz Ali S/O Rajan Bhai
5. Martyr Hasnain Zaidi
6. Martyr Sabir Hussain hashmi
7. Martyr Mohammad Ahmed S/O Maqbool
8. Martyr Syed Altaf Hussain Naqvi
9. Martyr Mohammad Nadeem (Ranipur, Khairpur)
10. Martyr Ali Najaf Mardan (On May 8, in Agha Khan)
11. Martyr Nihal Raza Zaidi Ibne Syed Khurshid Raza (On May 11, 2004 in Agha Khan)
12. Martyr Mir Sakha Ali S/o Mir Murtaza Ali (On May 12, 2004 in Liaqat National)
13. Martyr Syed Ali Rizvi S/o S.M Ilyas (On May 13, 2004 in Patel Hospital)
14. Martyr Dr. Asad Abbas Naqvi (On May 13, 2004 in Agha Khan)
15. Martyr Agha Ghulam Haider (On May 13, 2004 in Agha Khan)
16. Martyr Abdullah Noorani S/o G.Abbas Noorani(On May 15, 2004 in Patel Hospital)
17. Martyr Ahmer Manzar S/o Manzar Rizvi(On May 17, 2004 in Liaqat National)
18. Martyr Afsar Abbas S/o Abbas Haider (On May 20, in Liaqat National)
19. Martyr Ali Asghar S/o Mohammad Hussain (On May 27, in Patel Hospital



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