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Sahabi Uwais Al-Qarni’s shrine destroyed by sipah sahaba types

Terrorists belonging to Al-Qaeda-allied Jablus Nusrat and ISIL Takfiri groups of Syria blew up the sacred shrine of Hazrat Uwais al-Qarani , the greatly respected and renowned Companion of the Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. Hazrat Uwais al-Qarani never met ther Prophet Pubhp however, he was declared a Sahabi of by the Prophet Pubhp because of his intense love and respect for the holy Prophet. Hazrat Uwais al-Qarani heard the news that Muslims had deserted the Prophet during the battle of Uhad, the Prophet Pubhp was only protected by his loyal warrior Hazrat Ali a.s. and a handful of others. This was the moment that Allah swt sent down the famous Al Zulfiqar (sword of Allah) for Hazrat Ali.  In the fighting that ensued the Prophet Pubhp suffered injuries and lost one or more of his teeth. Uwais al-Qarani laid the foundation for tradition of “matam” of Karbala by breaking all of his teeth out of love for the holly Prophet Pubhp. It was then that out of appreciation of the love of Uwais al-Qarani the Prophet Pubhp elevated his status to that of Sahabi even though he was in Yemen and never actually saw the Prophet Pubhp.

Muslims should make a distinction between the Sahaba that deserted Prophet Muhammad Pubhp and the true lovers of Prophet Pubhp like Uwais al- Qarni. The deserting Sahaba cannot be on parity with the loving Sahaba, else it would defy logic and the justice system of Allah swt. Indeed the Takfiri Deobandi and Salafi Muslims destroying the shrine represent those that deserted the Prophet Pubhp or the kuffar that fought against the Prophet Pubhp and Harzat Ali a.s.

Hazrat al-Qarani belonged to Yemen and was martyred in the battle of Siffeen as a soldier in Hazrat Imam Ali’s army. His shrine is situated in Al-Raqqah area of Syria. Following pictures are Hazrat Uwwais al-Qarani’s shrine before and after the bombing!
Hazrat Owais Qarni Hazrat Owais Qarni destroyed



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    July 6, 2014


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