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Identity, Equality, Unity petition to ban “Anti-Shia Alliance” of Indonesia

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An organization called “The Anti-Shia Alliance” has met with the express desire to attack the Shia minority in Indonesia (report in The Jakarta Globe). Even more distressing is the fact that this alliance is supported by Ahmed Heryawan, Governor of West Java and the fact that the Government of Indonesia has not taken instant action against such extreme hate-mongers

It is the responsibility of any civilized government to stomp out any and all hate groups that base their venom on the religious identity of a minority. For Indonesia to remain a member of civilized nations it must reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, dignity, and worth of the human person. Chief among are freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom from fear.

Note by Agha Jafri:

During the past few years, and on a global scale, a lot of robust rhetoric has been rendered in terms of words of promoting Intra-Faith dialogue and Shia-Sunni understanding, however, little has been done in terms of  works of creating reconciliation and awareness between the two major sects of Islam. Of course there exists a trove of communiques, and other documents identifying the source of the sectarian rift and its consequences. Also, memorandums of understanding initiated by major Muslim organizations based in North America and agreements between various regional Mosques and Islamic centers belonging to the two sects are in place, however, it has yielded little in terms of impact on certain Muslim States who continue to defame, discriminate and persecute Shia Muslims on a daily basis.

What United Muslims of Washington, under the exemplary leadership of Jafar “Jeff” Siddiqui  has done is quite unique in that they have specifically targeted Indonesia, a rather large Muslim country that is attempting to outpace even much hardcore Anti-Shia states such as Saudi Arabia and its underlings in the Gulf States. The resolution of condemnation crafted by the aforementioned entity  is punctual, precise and powerful. This “up your face” approach may not necessarily deter the agents of bigotry and hatred in carrying out their criminal acts. It would, though, for the first time raise an alarm of awareness on part of  our global Ummah, whose majority abhors the satanic system of sectarian divide. Furthermore, a protest of this scope and magnitude that has been initiated by a Sunni Muslim entity will cause peril and paralysis within the ranks of hate mongers. Similar attempts must be taken by other Sunni Muslim organizations so as to eliminate these evil elements from our body politic. Shia Muslims, on the other hand, are equally accountable for a honest demeanor as well as a responsible discourse.
We  salute the Brothers and Sisters, the magnificent members of United Muslims of Washington who so fearlessly came out in the open in confronting the cruel and coward gang of cannibals that has no moral right to call itself, the follower of our exalted faith . The moment has arrived to take this bull of bigotry by its heinous horns and decapitate it in such a way that it never rises again in our ranks. We must follow the  example of our comrades from the United Muslim of Washington who have shown to possess all  the mettle as well as the moxie in manifesting their magnanimous and masterful agenda

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