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Malacca Islamic body urges state to report of Shia incidents – Bernama




Editor’s Note : According to various reports the targeting of Shias on religious grounds is now increasingly becoming a trend in Malaysia as, across the Muslim world, sectarianism is fast overtaking race or ethnicity as the key factor driving discrimination and violent attacks against communities. This news from Malacca, an important state in Malaysia, is symbolic of Shias’ persecution in that country. Saudi influence coupled with sectarian intolerance is leading to terrible persecution of Shias in Malaysia. Increasing rise of Sunni nationalism and the economic marginalization of Shias and the abuse of laws have all led to a growing pattern of persecution against Shias in the country.

Saudi shenanigans have ensured that Malaysia is another significant addition to the Muslim countries where Shias are facing attack, detention, torture and the repression of their fundamental freedoms. World Shia Forum declares its support for the small Shia minority in Malaysia whose members are targets of increased state controls as well as nationalist campaigns by Takfiri Wahhabize Sunni groups.

Members of the Village Development and Security Committees have been urged to report any move to spread Shia teachings in their respective areas, to the Malacca Islamic Development Department (Jaim).

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron said this was to ensure appropriate action could be taken to check the second wave of the spread of the teachings among Muslims in the country.

“Early measure is crucial to curb it to prevent damage to the faith of Muslims in the state,” he told reporters after opening a state level Teacher’s Day in Malacca today.

He said this when asked to comment on the statement by Religious Adviser to the Prime Minister Tan Sri Dr Abdullah Md Zin who suggested that Muslims in the country be alert to the second wave of the Shia spread, as reported by a Malay newspaper yesterday.

Commenting further on the spread of Shia in Malacca, Idris said, to date, it was still under control and Jaim are always monitoring to check on the movement. – Bernama, May 22,

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