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An Urgent Call Upon the American Government



Islamic Educational Center of Orange County

3194 Airport Loop Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 432 – 0060

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

This is a statement of concerned organizations and individuals, calling upon our government to aid the Iraqi people. We are very much alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Iraq and the rise of the extremist, terrorist organizations affiliated with Al Qaeda under the name of, The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
Reports from reputable news agencies and Iraqi officials, suggest their rise was the result of a coordinated effort by several Anti-Government Organizations especially pro Saddam groups, and of inside political groups who desire to divide Iraq and exploit the situation to their own interest. This design was heavily supported by the neighboring countries that are unhappy with the present Iraqi Government and that benefit from instability in Iraq. 
ISIS is currently occupying Mosul, exerting full control of the second largest city in Iraq, with a population of one and a half million people as well as a large swath of the north of Iraq. ISIS have declared their aim to march on to Bagdad and from there on to the Shiite Shrines of Karbala and Najaf. 
This organization represents a grave threat not only to the fabric of the Iraqi society of all creeds, but also a threat to the whole region of the Middle East, as well as the rest of the International Community. This branch of Al Qaeda is a very cruel one with evident disregard to the sanctity of human life and basic human rights. They have shown videos of summary executions, they have raped women, took over banks and forced people to submit to their weird interpretation of Islamic Laws. 
The fight against this organization should not be considered as a Shiite-Sunni fight. The major Shiite authority in Iraq, Sayed Sistani, a figure known for moderation, humility and caring for all segments of the Iraqi people regardless of their ethnicity or religion, has realized the magnitude of this threat and has called upon all Iraqis to rise in arms to assist the Army. Several Sunni scholars and many Sunni tribes in Iraqi have also issued statements agreeing with Sayed Sistani in this regard. 
We are confident, that eventually, by the Will of God, they will succeed in defeating this threat. It is time however, for the American Government to extend a helping hand here in defeating a common enemy. An immediate intensive air strike against their concentrations will help defeat them before they can establish a more lasting base in the territories occupied.
We know that the political forces in Iraq need to learn from past mistakes and work together in the interest of all segments of the Iraqi people. Dealing with that will obviously need time. There is now however, an immediate threat that needs to be dealt with. This is a golden opportunity for the American Government to gain favor with the Iraqi people who have suffered so much recently. 
We pray to God to help the people of Iraq and to guide our Government to choose the right decision. On behalf of our congregations, we thank you for taking the time to read our statement and urge you to act upon it.
Islamic Educational Center of Orange County
3194-B Airport Loop Drive,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Hejrat Foundation
1505 W. Garvey Ave. N.
West Covina, CA 91790 
Shia Ithna-Asheri Islamic Jamaat of Los Angeles
7925 Serapis Ave
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
Jafaria Islamic Society
1546 E. La Palma Ave
Anaheim CA. 92805
Ahlul Beyt Mosque
2155 Murchison Ave
Pomona, CA 91768
Jame Hakimi Al-Zahra Corporation
8152 Seville Ave
South Gate, CA 90280

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