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Australian Salafi Jihadist arrested in Lebanon


A prominent Australian jihadist who reportedly commanded 300 militiamen and orchestrated clashes in Syria has been arrested in neighbouring Lebanon.

The arrest of Hussam Sabbagh in Lebanon’s second city, Tripoli, has again underscored the substantial involvement of Australians in the violence and chaos gripping the Middle East, following swiftly after an 18-year-old from Melbourne killed at least five people in a suicide bombing in Baghdad.

It also follows the arrest of Melbourne-born preacher Musa Cerantonio in the Philippines and the appearance of disturbing online photos of Australian jihadists apparently carrying out executions of unarmed Iraqis.

Arrested: Lebanese-Australian cleric Hussam Sabbagh. Photo: Supplied

Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper reported that Mr Sabbagh’s arrest on Saturday night in Tripoli sparked protests on the streets by about 150 supporters. The newspaper said he is suspected of recruiting Sunni fighters and sending them into Syria to battle the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Mr Sabbagh reportedly fled Lebanon in 1987 to escape Syrian security services and travelled to Australia. He returned to Lebanon in 2004.

Andrew Zammit, a researcher at Monash University’s Global Terrorism Research Centre said Lebanese authorities had issued a warrant for Mr Sabbagh’s arrest back in 2007 for his links to the radical Lebanese Islamist group Fatah al-Islam. ”There’s a long history of Australian citizens being involved in jihadist activity in Lebanon.”


One comment on “Australian Salafi Jihadist arrested in Lebanon

  1. Ghazanfar Awan
    August 11, 2014

    Everybody knows that Shia was a political movement started by Abdullah bin Saba who was a Yahoodi. He was sent to achieve the target of dividing muslims by spreading Fitna. He failed in Madina Munawarrah but he got success in Iraq and Syria and got some followers who started calling Ali R.A as Allah (Nauzubillah)

    All the branches of Shia’s are Batil. 12ers, 7ers, 5ers, Ismaili, Bohra etc etc. All r batil.

    Can any Shia tell me how they believe in such Fazail’s given below, but plz no taqayya:

    Maaz Allah Shia fazail About Hazrat Ali R.A

    1. Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w says that Allah Talah gave more higher ranks to my brother Hazrat Ali & no one knows except Allah Taala

    2. The Person who Listen one Fazilat about Hazrat Ali & Allah Talah will forgave all his sin’s

    3. Angles takes permission from Hazrat Ali & his 11 sons as well as now (they take permission from 12th Imam) Hazrat Imam Muhammad Mahdi what to do & what not to do & decide what to do now & what to next year (see & read Saroot Qadr qur.30).

    4. Zikr e Hazrat Ali is Ibadat

    5. It is Narrated by Hazrat Salman Farsi , I heard from Hazrat Esa, when ever Hazrat Essa is in danger or in difficulty, He Pray with the wasila of Hazrat Muhammad & Hazrat Ali (He Pray Bahaq Muhammad & Bahaq Ali solve my difficulty & problem).

    6. The Person who verify Prophet is Ali R.A

    7. The message of Allah (Wahi) given to Prophet S.A.W is delivered by Ali R.A

    8. To divide hell & paradise is Ali

    9. Ali R.A is Quran and Quran is Ali R.A

    10. Al’s Body is Prophet’s body, Ali’s blood is Prophet’s blood, Ali’s flesh is Prophet’s flesh, Ali’s Roah is Prophet’s Roah and Ali & Prophet are made of one Noor

    11. Allah created the Universe for the Prophet, Ali & Fatima

    12. Ali R.A will pay Prophet’s debt & fulfill his promise

    13. Ali R.A has the certificate of Allah Taala & Prophet is his Shahid

    14. Angels do not do any work without the permission of Ali R.A

    15. The Prophet said O Allah do not gave me death before the Ziarat of Ali R.A

    16. The first person to enter paradise is Ali

    17. All doors of Masjid e Nabwi must be closed except the door of Ali

    18. O Peoples ! Allah has completed Islam upon Imamat of Hazrat Ali

    19. Ali has done Miraaj before Prophet (s.a.w). (Dewan-e-Jil Ehzan, Page No 38)

    20. Prophets were awarded prophet hood after the acceptance of Ali Wilayat. (Tareekh-e-Shia, Page No. 18)

    21. Angels do ziyarat & Tawaf of Hazrat Ali on Skies & on Arash

    22. Angles are made from the noor of Hazrat Ali

    23. Ali’ hand is Allah’s hand and Ali’s foot is Allah’s foot. Ref book is written by Allama Talib Jauhri “Insan Maasir Aur Quran”

    Above r few points and references r available in Shia Books Bihar ul Anwar, Usool ul Kaafi etc etc

    My brothers in humanity, ur mazhab is based on complete shirk. Its a pagan religion. Please think again as its the matter of ur Aakhirat. If u need my help to explain more than i m always available Alhamdulillah.

    Please please think what r u heading towards. Its complete darkness

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