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The Roar of the Word: Nimr Al-Nimr and the Implosion of the House of Saud

  iran, qateef, Religious extremism & fundamentalism & radicalism, Saudi Arabia KSA, Sectarianism, Sheikh Nimr, Takfiri Deobandis & Wahhabi Salafis & Khawarij, Terrorism Saudi Arabia, recently appointed Chair of the … Continue reading

January 6, 2016 · 1 Comment

‘A Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood’: More escalation ahead in Saudi-Iran crisis

What we are seeing now are Saudi efforts to build a regional bloc, a Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood bloc, says Ali Rizk, a MidEast affairs expert. Given Saudi Arabia’s irrational policies, … Continue reading

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Perverse Pontification by Friedman of the NY Times

It is not just his selective, hypocritical and trite appropriation of other people’s bad ideas and analysis that endears Tom to the everyday douchebag. It his also the ability to … Continue reading

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“Sectarian” Safavi-Iranian Shia Rachel Maddow aka Razavi Mahdavi undermining alliance of Netanyahu, the GOP (Republicans) and the Democratic Republic of Hejaz aka Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After Netanyahu urged the Republican leadership in 2002 to attack Iraq for the same reasons – weapons of mass destruction – he is now urging US to attack Iran for … Continue reading

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The Perils of Embedded Journalism: How Jürgen Todenhöfer ends up glamourising ISIS

  In his interviews with ISIS which he highlighted on  ABC and CNN as well as his own Facebook note, German Journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer  glamourises ISIS and misrepresents their “success”.  His … Continue reading

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To Defeat ISIS, Iran and the United States is the only coalition that makes Sense

  There is immense pressure on both sides to continue on a path of diplomatic confrontation. For the United States, there is a concerted effort by the sectarian Salafist Saudi/Qatari/Turkish … Continue reading

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U.S. and Iran Unlikely Allies in Iraq Battle – by Tim Arango and Azam Ahmed

BAGHDAD — With American bombs raining down from the sky, Shiite militia fighters aligned with Iran battled Sunni extremists over the weekend, punching through their defenses to break the weekslong … Continue reading

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