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Monthly Archives: December, 2013

The Forgotten Uprising in Eastern Saudi Arabia – by Frederic Wehrey

The eastern region of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a deadly cycle of demonstrations, shootings, and detentions for more than two years. While Shia in the east share grievances with the … Continue reading

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Wahhabi/Deobandi Impact: Influence of Wahhabi/Deobandi Islam on the Indian Muslim community is growing – by Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta

THE PHENOMENON of Islamist terrorism has received considerable attention in recent times. Pointing to a trend of increasing radicalisation of Indian Muslims, Indian intelligence has expressed concern that it is … Continue reading

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Karbala and how Lahore was involved – by Majid Sheikh

A Muharram procession in Lahore, Pakistan.—File PhotoIN our school and college days we all loved to assist friends set up ‘sabeels’ alongside Lahore`s traditional ‘Ashura’ procession, providing cold drinks to … Continue reading

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Influence of Imam Hussain (a.s) & Karabala ideology on Nelson Mandela – by S H Bangas

This Year The Arbaeen or Chehlum of Imam Hussain(a.s) is on December 24 for Which Millions of Pilgirms global Marcch to Karabala is started While on December 25 is Christmas … Continue reading

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Allama Nasir Abbas’s murder: Joint charter of demands by Shia and Sunni protesters in Lahore

Urdu version: شیعہ نسل کشی کے خلاف لاہور میں دھرنا دینے والے شیعہ اور سنی مظاہرین کے مشترکہ مطالبات News report (Lahore, 16 Dec 2013): At present, thousands of … Continue reading

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Unconstitutional to redefine Islam as ‘Sunni’ in constitution, lawyers say – by Boo Su-Lyn

File photograph shows Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. A proposal by the Home Ministry to define Islam as ‘Sunni’ has been criticised by civil liberties lawyer Syahredzan Johan … Continue reading

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“Martyordim of four Years Bibi Sakina(s.a) in Prison of Yazeed”. – by S.H.Bangash

Hazrat Ali Asghar also known as Abdullah was the youngest child of Imam Husain(a.s). He was born only a few weeks before Imam left Madinah. His mother’s name was Rubaab … Continue reading

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