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Welcome to the World Shia Forum (WSF)

Mukhtar Askari, General Secretary WSF

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About WSF

How can we organize better advocacy to stop Shia genocide in Pakistan?

Welcome to the World Shia Forum (WSF).

The aims of the WSF are as follows:

1. To safeguard Shia Muslims’ socio-cultural, religious, economic and all other rights as equal citizens in all countries of the world;

2. To identify and discuss key issues and challenges facing Shia Muslims across the world;

3. To create three levels of unity and harmony between : (a) various sub-sects and denominations of Shias such as Isna Asharies, Zaidis, Aga Khanis, Bohris, Alwaiites ; (b) various sects of Islam such as Jafari (Shia), Hanafi, Shafei, Hanbali, Maliki, Salafi; (c) Muslims and non-Muslims including Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists etc;

4. To develop Shia Muslims as progressive, law abiding, responsible members of society in each country including in Western countries;

5. To highlight the persecution and massacres of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt and other countries;

6. To create awareness against all forms of religious extremis and terrorism spreading in Muslim communities;

7. To create awareness about Shia genocide currently taking place in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries at the hands of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Sipah-e-Sahaba and other Jihadi-Deobandi and Jihadi-Wahhabi militants.

We will update the aims and the scope of the WSF in the light of your feedback.

Secretary General: Mukhtar Askari

Coordinator: Ali Abbas Taj

Twitter: @WorldShiaForum and @AliAbbasTaj
Google Groups:!forum/worldshiaforum


4 comments on “Welcome to the World Shia Forum (WSF)

  1. Aamer Raza Malik
    September 30, 2011

    is there any diffrence between new shias and old shias

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  3. Ali Asgher
    September 8, 2016

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