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250 Sunnis and Shias killed in Yemen, Pakistan and Syria by Deobandi-Salafi terrorists


For the Deobandi-Salafis, its Friday. The day set aside for massacring Shia muslims. You know, those “sectarian Shias” as described in increasing sections of the global media – who are getting too uppity and want to decide their own destiny.

Today’s tally include nearly 150 Shias killed in Yemen and over 20 injured and 2 Shias killed in Karachi.  The tally also includes over 100 Sunni Kurds who were targeted by Salafi Free Syrian Army/ISIS/Al Qaeda in Syria.

“The United Nation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday condemned “heinous attacks” targeting Nawroz celebrations in Syrian Kurdistan, which reportedly left up to 100 people killed and injured, including women and children.

Initial report suggest that two separate bombings killed and injured up to 100 persons, including women and children,” said a statement issued here by Ban’s spokesman on Saturday night.” Source

Well, since these Sunni and Shias victims of #Salafi-DeobandiTerrorism are not:

1. Palestinians or
2. Talibans being killed in drone attacks or
3. ISIS collaborators in Iraq –

So there is no point in being sympathetic to their ongoing Genocide.

“Liberals” and “progressives” from Deobandi muslim backgrounds are still getting over Pakistan’s defeat in the cricket world cup. Many of these sectarian “liberals” and “progressives” all nurse barely disguised hatred against Sunnis and Shias.

While Secular Sectarians will never, ever honestly discuss the historical roots of Salafi-Deobandi groups like ISIS/Boko Haram/ASWJ/Taliban which are rooted in the sectarian polemics of Medieval bigots like Ibne Taymiyah, Shah Walliullah, Sirhindi and Abdul Wahab, they will be quick to make grossly insensitive remarks at Shias chanting “Ya Hussain” while picking up the dead bodies of their near and dear ones.

These anti-Sunni and anti-Shia “liberals” and “progressives” will scramble to rationalise and justify ‪#‎ShiaGenocide and #SunniSufiGenocide‬ whilst making glib, too-clever-by-half jokes about Sunni and Shias beliefs and practices.

New York Times columnists like Thomas Friedman will talk about arming ISIS even more – apparently it was not enough to arm them 3-4 years ago in Libya, Syria and Iraq when they were known as the Free Syrian Army. It was not enough for Turkey to continue providing logistical support to ISIS while still being a NATO ally. While ISIS claims credit for twin suicide attacks in Yemen that reportedly killed more than 100 Shia Muslims killed in Yemen today, Bibi Netanyahu cheer leading “liberals” at New York Times may rejoice one more Shia child killed is one less Iran supporter.

From Netanyahu and his right-wing cheer leaders like Thomas Friedman of the New York times to the closet Deobandi-Salafi pseudo liberal media propagandists of ISIS, there is a common thread to obfuscate the one-sided Salafi-Deobandi violence of terrorist groups like Daesh/Boko Haram/Taliban/ASWJ/Al Qaeda.  While these groups have targeted not just Sunnis and Shias, they have also conducted the genocide of Druze, Yezidis, Christians and Sunni Kurds in Iraq and Syria. In fact, ISIS has massacred more Sunnis than Shias in Syria and Iraq in the last one year. But ISIS cheer leaders who engage in fantastic conspiracy theories of a joint Czarist-Safavid Empire continue to obfuscate Daesh in dishonest Sunni vs Shia binaries.

So lets condemn the victims in typical Jamaat -e- Islami/Pseudo Liberals style. In Pakistan, these Shias are doctors/feudals/processionists/Safavi proxies/sexual deviants/cannibals/Sahaba criticisers “who had it coming”. In Yemen, they had the audacity, inspite of being 50% or more of the total population (Zaidi Shias 40% + Twelver Shias 15% ) to liberate themselves from a Saudi stooge.

So whether it is a frothing Deobandi ASWJ-LeJ Qari in Jhang, a failed leftist Pakistani “progressive” in London or a habitual propagandist of the New York times, Shia Genocide is ok. Just as long as the Iranians don’t take over the world. You know, the same Iranians who spread Salafism and Deobandism globally -which are the muslim version of Nazism and gave us 9/11, 7/7, Bali, Madrid, Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, Paris Wait, that was our friend and ally, Saudi Arabia.

No problem. Just as long as we can continue to justify Sunni and Shia Genocide in Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Bahrain and Indonesia.



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